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Look - a wonderful review from Sassy

I have to begin by saying that this review has taken me quite some time to write, as I really didn't know how to put into words exactly what I thought and give The Meeting Point enough to do it the justice it deserves. It has sat in my drafts for weeks being altered and tampered with and now, I'm finally ready to post! Apologies Tabitha.

This is the much anticipated third book in The Meeting Point Trilogy by Tabitha Rayne. The first of these is A Clockwork Butterfly which I reviewed here, and the second is Taking Flight and you can find my review here.

Tabitha has a very unique writing style which captivates the imagination and gives you a unique closeness to each of the characters, even the ones you may dislike. I was really pleased to see a few of the characters I'd grown close to in the first book making a return in this one, especially as I hadn't realised they played such an important part in the final book. Once again, I was gripped from beginning to end and struggled to put it down.

Deborah Regan has been searching for her lover Marcus since he was carted off to a special 'men only farm' where men are being imprisoned and used for rich women't gratification. The rest of humankind is almost extinct due to the deadly toxins in the air but the survivors are fighters and will do whatever it takes to be reunited ...even at the risk of their own lives. The sheer determination shown by each of the characters is so admirable and the sexual tension makes for some very steamy reading! I don't want to give too much away but the end left me in a state of sheer disbelief. When I read any novel, I always have a few guesses as to how it will all turn out in the end, but Tabitha manages to lead you on an unknown journey with many unexpected twists and turns. The emotion comes through loud and clear from each character and you feel their pain and indeed their joy. I love how easily I can relate to all the characters, even though I may not have agreed with how they handled certain situations, but the slightly cheeky and pushy Mae quickly became one of my absolute favourites!

Tabitha Rayne is a truly fantastic writer and knows exactly how to relate to her audience. She draws the reader into an unknown fantasy world and allows them to escape reality with emotionally charged and extremely erotic scenes. I have red a few of Tabithas' books now and would very highly recommend any of them.

The Meeting Point is available from: for £3.06 (kindle price) No Price Available


I was given this book free and so wish to give it a fair review.

Tabitha Rayne has excelled in my opinion. Her "A Clockwork Butterfly" was the second erotica book I ever read and after reading that I wanted more. This is a prequel to that book and contains slightly different characters. I was nervous when I noticed a character from "A Clockwork Butterfly" that I disliked that it would ruin the enjoyment of the book from then on. Fortunately that wasn't the case. Tabitha's strong characters and immersive world captivated me once more and had me looking at that character through new eyes.

I read mostly science fiction and fantasy but once again Tabitha has written a story that even without the wonderfully explicit and hot sex scenes, stands on it's own merits. The sex scenes add to it rather than detracting from the plot.

I found myself creating a vivid mental image of the world and all the characters within a chapter or two - not something that comes naturally to me. I also found myself panting not just for the next saucy scene but also to see what would happen to the characters. I don't resort to tears often but I confess at one point I had to grab a tissue.

I don't just want the next book in the series but find myself _needing_ it. My mind has started to wonder about how and when the books link and I want to find out what does happen to them now. Will the third book concentrate on the characters we meet in "Taking Flight", "A Clockwork Butterfly" or indeed both. What will become of the characters and what will happen in such a world as this?

If I could give this 5.5 stars I would, if erotica is your thing or even if science fiction/fantasy is then give it a go. Easy read and can be read in a few hours and entertaining. What more could a person want.

5.0 out of 5 stars Erotic Fantasy at its best!, 7 Nov 2013
This is a dystopian fantasy where the male population is slowly dying out and Dr Deborah Regan is set with the task of finding a cure to save the male race .....which proves to be alot harder than it sounds. All the remaining men have been taken to stay at a 'farm' where their semen is tested in the hope of one day finding a cure ....all except one!

Deborah is harboring her own secret, she has her lover and soul mate, Marcus, living with her and when the authorities turn up to search her home, they escape through a passageway and go on the run together. The only place that seems safe enough to hide is in the woods where they hope to lay low and most importantly, stay together. Whilst in the woods, they stumble upon a couple embarking on a sexual encounter and decide just to stay silent and observe. A while later, this same couple help them by giving them a place to stay and also some handy hints on how to cover their tracks and survive out there in the wild.

Eventually, the authorities catch up with Marcus and cart him off to the 'Farm' whilst Deborah is taken to a facility somewhat like a prison, where she is instructed to continue her research. It's not long before Deborah finds an ally and a light at the end of the tunnel. Both her and Marcus believe that their bond is so strong, that they can find eachother at the 'meeting place' in their minds, it's just a question of when.

Once again, Tabitha has really excelled herself with this novel and left me gasping with both shock and delight. You're drawn into a completely different world where nothing is the 'norm' and everything is unexpected. The relationship between Deborah and Marcus is so deep and moving that it almost brought me to tears at certain points. I fell totally in love with both characters and felt like I was on their journey with them. The exceptional detail and strength of feeling was evident from beginning to end and really added to my enjoyment. Tabitha is a true expert when it comes to fantasy, and not just sexual fantasy either. She delves into the minds of her characters so the reader has a greater understanding of their personalities, feelings and motives which allows you to become submersed in the story.
I absolutely loved reading Taking Flight and now can't wait for the final book of the trilogy to see what the final outcome might be.

I received this review copy free of charge in return for an honest review.

Futuristic Love, 25 Oct 2013
Taking Flight by Tabitha Rayne
Taking Flight is a prequel to A Clockwork Butterfly. This story takes place in the future where men are a dying race. Dr. Deborah Regan is a lab tech trying to figure out a cure to produce more men to the population because without them there is no future. Dr. Regan is keeping a secret. She is actually hiding her lover Marcus in her house. All the men are supposed to be at a "Farm". A farm is a place where they take the men so they get samples of their sperm for testing. She had finally made progress in her testing of the sperm when everything changed.
They had to escape into the woods because her house was being raided. They ended up living off the land for a while. While in the woods they came along another couple who taught them how to survive. What they didn't know is that this couple would betray them because of the love they share for one another. You see Deborah and Marcus shared a bond that would take them to another plane. No matter where they were they could always find each other on that plane. Marcus and Deborah we separated due to the betrayal and Marcus was sent to a farm and Deborah was sent off to another lab but it felt more like a prison.
Marcus had told her he would find her and he would never give up. The only contact they would have is when they met on their plane. I know it's confusing but you will understand once you read it. Deborah had come in contact with someone who actually knew Marcus but she didn't realize that till that person was walking away to leave the prison. Tabitha then left me hanging!!!! OMG I wanted it to keep going. This was a steamy hot read. Yes there was sex involved. Who am I kidding there was a lot of sex. Tabitha takes us off in a new adventure and I can't wait till the next one comes out to see where this adventure leads us.
"I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review"

Hard to put down and hard when reading!, 15 Oct 2013
J-dowg - 
Awesome fantasy/erotica novel with plenty of juicy sex scenes. A must read for fans of erotic literature and steampunk. A great read for couples looking to spice things up in the bedroom.

A Clockwork Butterfly

5.0 out of 5 stars Eroticism at its finest!8 April 2013
With mankind virtually extinct due to a deadly toxin, those who remain are kept under lock and key in manors, where their precious seed is collected daily.
All young women born into this strange world, are watched from birth to see if they have what it takes to help reproduce more males into the population. Lena seems to stand out from the crowd, and although naive and innocent, they see great prospect in her.
Mae is one of the first girls Lena meets, she introduces herself to Lena in the most unexpected way and wastes no time in showing her the ropes (so to speak). Before long, they become alot more than just friends. It's during her time spent with Mae, that it's discovered that Lena carries a rare pheromone which they believe could reignite human fertility. Once it's confirmed, no time at all is wasted in pairing her with the 'perfect match'.

Angelo, whom Lena is assigned to, is just as innocent as her and he soon reveals that she is his first collector which means that he's never been in contact with a woman before ....nor her a man!

Before long, the inevitable happens and they fall in love which is strictly forbidden in this world. Once their love is discovered, Lena is carted off elsewhere for punishment and Angelo is assigned a new collector ....Mae.

Can Angelo and Mae hatch a plan to find his one true love, or is she gone forever?

A Clockwork Butterfly is so beautifully written that I became totally engrossed in reading and lost all contact with the outside world. The sensuality and intimacy of the sex scenes is extremely well written and have great depth. Admittedly I did suffer slight dampness on more than one occasion ......boy they're hot!! Every emotion felt by the characters, is shared by the reader and I found myself shouting at the book quite often, pleading for them to listen to me. I didn't see many of the twists and turns coming so there were a few surprises along the way which just added to the excitement. Every sexual taste is catered for here with a good mix of f/f, m/f, m/f/f, f/f/f and BDSM.
The ending was a bit of a cliffhanger which left me wanting, no, needing, to know what happened next! I hope to see a prequel to this!
If you're looking for an erotic read that you can immerse yourself in and be totally hooked, then this is it. Fantastic!!

5.0 out of 5 stars This was recommended to me by a friend.8 Nov 2013
A friend of mine recommended this book to me and I thought okay it's outside my usual genre of mainly science fiction/fantasy but does contain some elements of science fiction so I'll give it a go. I was not disappointed.

The book does contain same sex scenarios and BDSM scenarios, so if these things are not to your tastes then perhaps read something else. I however enjoy both these scenarios and so without concern I started the book today. Yes that's right I said I'd started it today. I couldn't put it down and had to keep reading, it's only approximately 165 pages but it drew me in within about 3 pages. I like the authors style of writing and indeed enjoyed her scenarios. I then found out that this is book 1 of 3 in the series and so will be purchasing the next couple quite happily.

5.0 out of 5 stars An enthralling read29 April 2013
This review is from: A Clockwork Butterfly (Paperback)
I received this book as a review copy in exchange for an honest review.
A Clockwork butterfly has had me enthralled since I started reading it. It's like a futuristic Alice in wonderland with at least one hot scene in every chapter. You become involved in the three main characters trails & tribulations and genuinely warm to their personalities and love for each other. If you like the sounds of a well written adventure fantasy book with lots of hot steamy scenes then this book's for you.

"Sexy. Erotic. Emotional. A Clockwork Butterfly by Tabitha Rayne is a creative tale of a future where men are nearly extinct. Crisp and descriptive, Tabitha has made it easy for the reader to become immersed in the world she has created while the explicit sexual interactions paired with the author's ability to convey the passion shared by the characters keeps the reader engaged." Kristin at Siren Book Reviews 

"A Clockwork Butterfly by Tabitha Rayne is sexy, yet sensual with explicit love scenes, raw emotions, and engaging characters that will keep you coming back for more. So, if you haven't checked out A Clockwork Butterfly, then do so today. You won't be sorry." Blackraven's Reviews 

Mia's Books

“This novella is just the feather to tickle the fancy of the reader who loves the forbidden. With steamy scenes in places that would make the boldest exhibitionist blush, to a paranormal affair to
remember, and a romance reminiscent of Ghost, this book has it all.”
Frishawn at Nocturne Romance Reads 

“Mia’s Books is about lost love, found love, and finding what you least expect to find in love. It is a bold, adventurous book with an unlikely ménage that is delicious.” 
Shelia at Two Lips Reviews

“Tabitha Rayne introduces a totally wicked story of love and lust. Ms. Rayne lays out a feast of sexual pleasure that will please any reader.” 
Candy at Sensual Reads

5.0 out of 5 stars Paranormal eroticism at its best!!25 Mar 2013
This review is from: Mia's Books (Kindle Edition)
Mia's Books is a short story based on a young girl called Mia who suffers from severe insomnia. Whilst others are sleeping, Mia is often wide awake and in need of something to pass the time. Her solution, books!

In her own unique way (you'll have to read it to see how), Mia manages to get her hands on a library book which holds a little secret of its own. She goes from being a quiet, reserved young girl who barely manages to raise her head let alone a smile, to a confident young woman with a great sexual appetite who's being torn between two lovers of whom is a ghost!

Will Mia enjoy the fruits of her labor and continue her love affair with both, or will matters complicate themselves forcing her to choose between them? You gotta read it!!

I wasn't really sure what to expect when I began reading this as Fifty Shades was probably the first book of erotic fiction i'd ever read, and although I really enjoyed the steamy storyline, I found that it wasn't exactly well written!

Mia's Books however was a whole new ball game .....there's sex aplenty and no unnecessary babble. The storyline is kept short and interesting which made it very hard to put down once I got going, and the odd added twists were unexpected and made it all the more exciting. I really loved the paranormal element of this as it added a whole new dimension and the sex descriptive was far better than i'd read in the Fifty Shades books. I could actually visualize everything I was reading and absolutely loved it!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Unusual, Sexy and Fun!21 Mar 2013
This review is from: Mia's Books (Kindle Edition)
With a plot that has some nice twists and a some seriously hot sex this was an excellent read, it's fast paced and has a bouncy fun style that I really enjoyed. The situations were varied, well written and enjoyable and the character interaction on all levels was believable. The mix of characters is great and the Paranormal elements work really well making this a most rewarding read I'm sure I'll be returning too!

4.0 out of 5 stars Well-written, pacy and sexy9 Aug 2011
Lucy Felthouse (Derbyshire, UK)
This review is from: Mia's Books (Kindle Edition)
I'm a sucker for a paranormal tale, so as soon as I heard about Mia's Books it went firmly on my to be read list. What made it so intriguing was that it's about ghostly activity, rather than vampires, werewolves, etc. It's something a little different, and although I'll read pretty much anything in the paranormal genre, it was nice to have something new.

This novella throws you right into the middle of the action, with a saucy yet unusual encounter in a library. From there, things move quickly for insomniac Mia, who goes from being horny and frustrated because of a lack of lovers, to being inundated with both lovers and sex. Hot sex, I must emphasise.

I don't want to give anything away, so I'm not going to say much more about the plot, other than it is exciting, unexpected and has a couple of lovely twists in there that will keep you guessing.

So if you're looking for an erotic paranormal read with m/f and f/f scenes, you should definitely add Mia's Books to your list. It's well-written, pacy and sexy - what more could you want?

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