Monday, 26 October 2015

The Forgotten Paperback - part 2

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So this is an excerpt from the paperback version of The Meeting Point, which was released almost a month ago - I haven't even tweeted about it yet - such is my capacity for being distracted by all the finery that you lovelies of the internet have to offer. But when I saw this prompt from Kayla, I couldn't resist sharing a scene from my book.

Deborah couldn't believe what she was witnessing. From the mirrored glass balcony, she could see three people making love in a bedroom chamber below. One was Marcus, she was sure of it. Her skin prickled and tensed, sending electrifying currents over her flesh. She wanted to scream and shout and bang on the glass, but she had to hold on to her reserve with all her might.
Two women were astride a man tied to a bed by the wrists and ankles. One riding his groin, the other, his face. Their long hair fell about their backs as they both faced the wall, the woman behind reaching around and massaging the other's breasts. It was the strangest sensation. Deborah was seething so hard with jealousy that she could have torn her own teeth out in despair, but in the ultimate betrayal of her emotions, her pussy bucked and spasmed between her legs, aching to be touched.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Forgotten Paperback - part 1

Hello hello!

I'm joining the Sunday Snog today with an excerpt from my newly released paperback version of Taking Flight - book 2 in my Clockwork Butterfly trilogy.
I'm useless at promoting my books so haven't even tweeted news of its existence. Please consider this snog an unofficial launch party!
I hope you'll be tempted...
Here's the universal link
Taking Flight
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Withdrawing her leg from his lap, she started to crawl toward him, seductively licking her lips, and reached out to his shirt buttons. For the briefest second something passed over his face that she couldn’t quite read. The look of lust returned quickly and a hand slid into her blouse, freeing her breast from her fine, lacy bra. At once, her nipple stiffened under his touch. With the other, he lifted her chin and gazed deep into her eyes.
“I love you,” he said with an intensity that, if she hadn’t known him so well, would have scared her.
“I know.” She brushed the feeling of uneasiness away and leaned in to those full lips. “I love you too.”
He met her kiss and rose powerfully, lifting her with one arm while pushing himself to a standing position with the other. Her eyes were closed and her mouth clamped to his, feasting on his juicy flesh as he carried her through to the bedroom.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Saucy Pumpkins

I love, love, love Halloween.
My pumpkins have gone all saucy for Sinful Sunday



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Sinful Sunday

Saturday, 17 October 2015

So I Wrote You a Song

It's Sinful Sunday - and I've been playing with reflections...


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Sinful Sunday

Friday, 9 October 2015

So I Invented a Sex Toy #RubyGlow

Hello, hello!

So this week, the secret I've been keeping for over a year has well and truly come out - I invented a sex toy! Introducing the Ruby Glow - Pleasure for the seated lady.


It's built by mighty Rocks Off and launched at Erofame in Hannover - Europe's biggest sex toy trade show. The gorgeous Cara Sutra took some photos - look...

I designed it as a hands free saddle with two vibrating mounds - one at the clitoris and one at the vagina/ perineum area.
I wanted to make a toy that can be used through clothes that doesn't give full penetration - only hints at it - and can offer lovely stimulation for your whole lady area. Being an erotic writer has it's perks and frustrations so a hands free toy that sits between your legs and lets you keep typing is exactly what I'm looking for! It can be used in lots of other ways too - see below. I have also been in a position due to illness where I couldn't use traditional sex toys and was too weak to 'do it myself' so this would have been ideal if I'd had it then. Gives the ladies a helping hand :)
You can read all about it in this month's Erotic Trade Only magazine where I have a huge big interview about the whole process.

 As a bonus, with every Ruby Glow, buyers get a free ebook! My fellow Brit Babes have been so amazing and said they would endorse this product – so much so that every Ruby Glow has a QR code and download link to a collection of very saucy stories from the Brit Babes, They have really been utterly invaluable with helping me design this sex toy: KD Grace, Kay Jaybee, LilyHarlem, Lucy Felthouse, Victoria Blisse, Emmy Ellis, and Lexie Bay.


Here's a handy - guide
Ways to use your Ruby Glow
Whilst being design to pleasure the seated lady, the Ruby Glow has also been used creatively in other ways to satisfy several ladies through non-penetration.
  • ·         The traditional hands free pose: Ruby Glow nestled on your chair between your legs while you sit at your desk with your hands otherwise occupied. The Ruby Glow sits snugly in place anchored by your pubic bone to allow you to move and grind to your own rhythm without anything slipping out of place. The rear vibrating mound applies pressure to your vaginal entrance/perineum to give a full sensation without penetration. To the front is a ribbed vibrating stimulator for you to press your clitoral area into. The control buttons are also to the front for easy access.
  • ·         The traditional pose with added finger action: The Ruby Glow can also help with adding pressure to the clitoris in a seated pose. Simply place your fingers between your body and the front Ruby Glow hump to increase and intensify the pressure of your natural clitoral masturbation.
  • ·         The reverse hands free pose: Gain even more sensation by spreading your legs and facing the back of your chair with the Ruby Glow in place. This pose allows you to rock and grind more freely against the durable vibrating areas.
  • ·         The reclining lady: For days when you have time to spend lying down for self-exploration, the Ruby Glow can be held and used in the same way you would use your bullet for clitoral stimulation. It has the added bonus of a large vibrating area which can be placed wherever you feel needs it most. Because there is a dip in the body of the toy, it can act as almost a hook to ensure snug contact on your orgasmic parts.
  • ·         The standing lady: If you prefer to stand while taking care of your lady business, Ruby Glow can also be held against your intimate areas easily in one hand. This is useful if you are using the other to support yourself on a wall or balustrade.
  • ·         Use through light clothing to increase friction.

Your Ruby Glow is yours to explore and use in ways personal to you and your body.  It is designed to be used though clothing but is made from skin safe silicon to enable full contact if you desire.

Here's the chat on the packaging

Ruby Glow – pleasure for the seated lady

The Ruby Glow has a ribbed clitoral stimulator and vibrating vaginal/perineal mound which sit snugly in place anchored by your pubic bone. Dual vibrations are controlled by buttons at the front for easy access, putting you in control of your orgasm. Made from firm yet velvety silicone, Ruby Glow is designed to be used through clothing but is skin safe to enable full contact if desired. The Ruby Glow has many unique contours making it also ideal for using against your body as a traditional clitoral stimulator or massager.
Ruby Glow will take you on an erotic journey deep, deep into the world of personal passion. Close your eyes, take a breath and feel the power as Ruby Glow contours closely and intimately to your most secret of places, caressing and stroking you as it teases your mind and body with each rippling vibration.
Let the potent sensual rhythms of Ruby Glow be your guide as you feel your body respond and move to its powerful dual heartbeats, seductively taking you to your ultimate hands free orgasm.

•             Contoured for precision intimate contact
•             Dual independent motors
•             10 powerful functions*
•             Clitoral and vaginal stimulation
•             Velvet soft body safe silicone
•             Splash-proof
•             Non penetrative
•             Can be used through clothing

*Note from Tabitha – is says on the packaging that there are 10 powerful functions – well, there are two of these little vibrating beauties in there, each individually controlled – making the combinations of pleasure…well… *does maths on fingers and toes* a lot!

I have had so much positivity throughout this journey, starting with my friend, Andrew who saw the very first model made from clay and helped and encouraged me through the research and development process - my house has been littered with dental silicon, plaster moulds and vibrating bullets ever since! Rocks Off have made the final product look and feel stunning - I love it. So many thanks to everyone involved.
And you - thanks for reading - I'm so excited about this :)
I'll be back in touch soon with more information when Ruby Glow becomes available.

Love Tabitha x x

Monday, 5 October 2015

A Cold Wet Towel

Very last minute Sinful Sunday today
(I know, I know - it's Monday... see below)
I was getting ready to take a photo of the simple pleasure 
of being barefoot but I had a an accident 
and ended up spilling boiling water all over my thigh.
So - A very different pic to that intended...
the simple pleasure of a cold wet towel...

Sinful Sunday
And since it's Monday - and since the picture above has inspired a bit of Flash - I'm adding a Masturbation Monday too. So I'm a gal that likes it all at once, what's so wrong about that?! ;)

A Cold Wet Towel

It was purpling up like a bruise. 
"Let me press it," he said, leaning in to the crook of my neck, raising the tiny hairs there while his hand drifted to the towel at my thigh.
"No!" I flinched as if he'd done it already.
He chuckled softly and waited for me to calm again. It really was stinging in that sickening smarting way that a scald does. I hoped it wouldn't blister and scar - I like short skirts. He likes me wearing short skirts. The ice was melting a little and trickling down the inside of my leg to the leather sofa.
"Go on," he whispered, pushing his fingertips under the wet fabric, "don't you like a bit of pleasure and pain?"
His fingers barely whispered their presence on my sore skin but somehow it was soothing. I let my guard down a little and he gently rubbed the burn. 
"See? It feels good, doesn't it?" he said and I had to sort of admit that, oddly, it did. Like tonguing a mouth ulcer or rubbing a bruise.
"A bit, yes." It was kind of relieving the nippy pain and replacing it with an almost sexy throbbing.
"See, I told you - it's like licking a cut. It feels nice."
"If you say so..." His hand was leaving the burn and creeping up my inner thigh, his breath and words still at my neck, just under my ear. I swear I could see stars when I closed my eyes on those words.
"I do say so." His fingertips were easing the very tops of my thighs apart now, and I let my hips relax and roll open. "Do you know what word the Dutch use for cunt?" His voice knew how to say that word. He said it to perfection.
"Kut. They say kut." His fingers were scissoring at my entrance now and I clenched and released at their insistence, the throb of pleasure now at my pussy. It was so good. He pushed on and I watched the sinews in his forearms - oh that gets me hot. The effort. Watching and sensing all the parts that make up the seduction. 
"Let me lick your kut," he said, with a wicked tone.
He shifted position and crawled down between my legs, lifting the towel first and licking my wound then blowing on it. It felt so good and strange. Then he thrust his fingers right into me and began tonguing my hard on my clit. God, it was good, so good. I edged forward to make space to spread my legs as wide as I could. He helped by nudging his shoulders hard in between my thighs. His jumper glanced and grazed my scald but his licking was so hard and fast and intense that it was pleasure not pain that sent me spiralling off into that place. That place of love and hate, war and peace, fury and calm, joy and despair, everything and nothing. I hung limp about him in the zone as he pummelled and fucked me. Then, with one hard flick of his wrist and tongue I fell from my suspension and crashed out my climax all over his tongue, his fingers, his hands, his face.
My legs clamped around his head and he retreated very slowly once I'd stilled and calmed to release him.
"See?" he said as he sat up, wiping his face on my cold wet towel.

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