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Lucy's Perfect Dom!

Here's a fresh little treat for y'all!

The Perfect Dom by Lucy Felthouse
Four kinky and erotic BDSM tales from the smutty pen of Lucy Felthouse.
Balancing the Books
Philip’s a well off man, and doesn’t need a job. But when he sees the gorgeous owner of his local bookshop, he applies for the role that’s being advertised there immediately. He’s totally stricken by the stunning Giovanna, and when it turns out she wants to boss him around in a sexual sense as well as an employment sense, he has no intention of refusing.

Feeling the Heat
Taylor and Maisie’s car has broken down. Luckily, Taylor’s handy with engines and is working hard to get them back on the road. Unfortunately, Maisie is getting annoyed at the amount of time he’s spending in the garage and confronts him. Instead of arguing back, though, Taylor comes up with an ingenious plan to keep Maisie quiet.

The Perfect Dom
Part of Mia’s nightwear is a pair of hotpants with SPANK ME emblazoned across the arse. Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem, but when she forgets that she has a houseguest and heads to the kitchen for a drink, she’s shocked to find Alex in her living room. Immediately spotting what he sees as an invitation written across Mia’s bottom, Alex makes an offer and Mia soon discovers that he is, in fact, the perfect dom.

Meet Me at the Spanish Steps
Darby is working at a holiday camp on the outskirts of Rome and is getting along just fine, with the exception of her sex life. For various reasons, she’s not getting what she wants in the bedroom, and her tastes are very particular. She turns to the Internet to get what she needs, and when she discovers William, it seems that he’s more than willing—and capable—of scratching that particular itch.

Available from:
All Romance
Amazon UK
Coming soon to all other good eBook retailers.
“Spank me. Is that an invitation?”
Shit. Mia had completely forgotten about him. Her flatmate, Katy, had asked if it was okay if her brother could stay on their sofa for a couple of nights. His own place was being fitted with a new bathroom and conditions over there weren’t exactly tantamount to hygiene. Mia had been rushing around in order to get to work and hadn’t really been paying attention, so she’d just agreed and then promptly forgotten.
Now, however, she was being treated to a huge and incredibly embarrassing reminder. Katy was on a nightshift at the hospital so when Mia had woken up at 9p.m.—her own body clock being on that of working in the club, though tonight was her night off—she’d deemed it safe to wander to the kitchen to get a drink in what she was wearing.
Big mistake. Alex was sitting on the sofa, an eyebrow quirked and a leering grin on his face. He held his iPad, and earphones hung around his neck. He’d obviously been watching a film or playing some ridiculous game before Mia had flipped the light on and sauntered through the living room in nothing but a skimpy vest and hotpants. The hotpants were, of course, what he was referring to. The fuchsia garment had SPANK ME emblazoned across the ass in large black lettering.
Mia gave Alex a look that would have turned a lesser man to stone. He, however, simply grinned even more widely, then said, “Well? Do you need a firm hand to that luscious butt of yours? Like a spanking, do you?”
Mia sighed. “Shut up, Alex. It’s none of your business. I’m just getting a drink. Get back to your damn gadget and leave me alone.”
“Oooh, someone’s defensive. I’m just saying, you must have them for a reason. A statement like that printed on your backside would definitely be construed as an invitation in my book.”
“Well, maybe it is an invitation, Alex. But it’s certainly not directed at you. Now if you’d kindly stop passing judgement on my non-existent sex life I’ll get my drink and get out of your way.”
Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over seventy publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include Best Bondage Erotica 2012 and 2013, and Best Women's Erotica 2013. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies. She owns Erotica For All, and is book editor for Cliterati. Find out more at Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at:

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Forever Bound

Yay - it's release day!

Forever Bound is a saucy new release from Mischief Books - a collection of BDSM stories. I'm very excited to have my story, The Billiard Room included in this anthology.

And, it's only 99p! All that smokin hot action for less than a cuppa!

The Billiard room is the story of seamstress Zoe Lake, who has come to a grand house to measure up for The Lady's new curtains. Just when she thinks the meeting is going well and that she is the height of demure respectability, the Sir of the house demands attention in his billiard room. Zoe is swept along on a wave of her own lust and finds herself on more familiar terms with green cloth and curtain tassels than even she is used to... 

Tiny exerpt

“Oh, I... I’m sorry Sir,” she stammered as she came close to him, “I shan’t be long.” His eyes dragged their way from her shoes to her legs, thighs, stomach and lingered lightly at her chest before settling at her lips which she subconsciously licked. It could only have been a footstep but she felt like the exchange had taken forever, what would his wife say, having her husband eye up another woman so lavasciously? What was he thinking? Zoe nipped out under his arm as he held the door open for her, never taking his gaze from her. Crunching her fists and eyes shut for a moment, she composed herself then walked off down the hallway, knowing full well that he was watching her backside and legs. The skin at her throat and décolleté flushed and prickled at being under such scrutiny. But there was something else. She managed to get to the large heavy door and pulled it open just enough to pass through, shutting behind her with a clunk. The flush had simultaneously spread up to her cheeks and down to her breasts. Zoe fought the urge to peek at her chest but lost. As she looked down to the peaking domes in her good blouse, she knew she was in trouble...

Hope it tickles your fancy!
If so - buy here

And if that's not enough - Justine Elyot is also having a Mischief release today - Confessions of a Kinky Wife is out now! It will be hot, hot, hot!
Thanks for reading T x

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Almost over!

Quick! The Beachwalk sale ends within 24 hours - all ebooks 50% off through Sunday 17th February...

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Beachwalk are offering all the lovely readers this offer - simply use the code VALENTINE2013 - when prompted at the checkout.

I thought I'd share a steamy scene from my very first Beachwalk title, Mia's Books - a paranormal sexy romance, to hopefully whet your erotic appetite.
This is when insomniac Mia has her first encounter with a saucy entity as she hides after hours in a library...

A few interesting titles had caught her eye earlier, but she had been so intent on her online affair she hadn’t paid them much attention. She made her way to the adult corner and chose an anthology at random. It looked brand new and didn’t have any stamps on the lending sheet.
Mia cast the flashlight around to find one of the couches that adorned the big room. As the light caught the end of the sofa, Mia thought she saw a shadow flit around behind it.
“Hello?” Her voice quivered, and a chill ran down her neck. She thought she heard an intake of breath and flung herself around the shelf, sweeping the flashlight back and forth over the books. Nothing. As a non-sleeper she was used to prowling the night alone, but she was most definitely not immune to freaking herself out.
She shrugged and took a seat on the cool, hard leather of the couch. She was cocooned in darkness, and it made her feel a little more comfortable. Taking off her sweater, she placed it at the small of her back, and stretched out her legs down the length of the sofa. As she took a deep breath and got ready to read, the same chill ran through her, over her chest this time, and Mia was amazed to feel her nipples stiffen under her blouse. She aimed the beam at her chest and sure enough, there they were standing proud and erect like frozen little buds. She reached up to one and rubbed it between her fingers. It really was cold. It was the oddest sensation, but one she was keen to explore further.
Holding the flashlight in her mouth, she untucked her top from her waistband and slid her hand up onto her bare breast. She opened the book with her other hand while softly massaging her nipple around and around.
The story began, setting up the characters and plot, but Mia skipped on until she found the words she was looking for: pussy, cock. She felt a flush deep between her legs as the sensation in her nipples intensified to both breasts now. The stimulation from her fingertips was being mirrored onto the other. The icy touch in her left breast was magnifying, as if it was being massaged by another person. She maneuvered the flashlight between her teeth to see the fabric of her shirt being pulled and puckered in time with the sensations. She shrieked, dropping the book and flashlight, and scrambled onto the floor.
“What the fuck was that?” Her voice was breathless and trembling. “Where are you?”
She was met with deathly silence, and she gulped in air to keep up with her heartbeat.
Warmth reclaimed her nipples, and her breathing slowed. She picked up the flashlight and swung it around, knowing that she wouldn’t see anything. Don’t be ridiculous, she kept telling herself over and over again. Shaking with both fear and arousal, she took her place on the sofa. She put the flashlight back in her mouth and picked up the book. As she brought it up to lean on her thighs, she realized it felt different. Her fingertips detected leathery raised text on the cover where before the book had been smooth and pristine. She leafed the edge of the pages to feel them soft and worn, and inhaled the musty scent of an ancient tome. Mia was trembling when she finally shone the light on the title.
Ghost Lover.
The beautifully embossed gold font was bordered by strange dark symbols and patterns. Mia was still shaking as she opened the first page. It was blank, but as she looked more closely a smudge of black ink began to form and take the shape of beautifully handwritten words on the page.
My gift to you, Mia it spelled out in stunning calligraphy.
Mia didn’t know what to do. Run? Scream? Enjoy? She’d read about paranormal romance but never actually believed it could happen.
Concluding that she had hatched this plan to read erotica and get some relief from her nocturnal craving, she decided to relax and take this gift. After all, she could be dreaming, and that would be a dream come true in itself.
“Okay,” she whispered through the shaft of the flashlight and leaned back into the sofa, bringing her knees up to hold the book. She parted her legs just the teensiest bit, and a wisp of icy air caught the hem of her skirt and burrowed into her panties. She gasped. “My God, you see everything.”
She opened the book once more and found that she was reading her own story through the eyes of the being that surrounded her.
Once, there was a stranger who came to this place with a need. She yearned so badly to be touched that I was tempted by her and broke the vow. Her bosom heaved, and I had to touch...
Mia couldn’t focus on the words as the chill had returned and was slowly tugging her blouse free from her skirt. One by one the buttons began to twist and open to reveal her body shining in the torchlight, every tiny hair standing in the wake of the ethereal touch. As the cold reached the last button at her chest the entity roughly ripped it apart, and the book fell to the ground.
Mia’s legs were forced open by the presence who lay on top of her. There was no weight, just presence. Mia, still holding the flashlight in her mouth, saw the indents in her flesh and skirt where the ghost lay. Her skirt began to slide up her thighs and over her buttocks. The conflict of heat and damp in her panties and the icy breeze of the ghost made her crush her pussy walls together with desire.

Click here to buy and remember to use the code VALENTINE2013
Thanks for having a look - hope you had a gorgeously saucy Valentine's x x x T

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KD's Kinky Boots!

I'm delighted today to show off this new erotic book from the fabulous KD Grace... Kinky Boots

After a sizzling encounter in DEMON HEELS, a quirky all-night shoe store, with the store’s hot owner, FINN MASTERS, JILL HART walks away in the most gorgeous boots ever. Her new boots come with an unexpected bonus, a sexy demon named ELEANOR, who’s looking for a good time. All she lacks is a body, and Jill’s will do nicely.
Jill quits her dead-end job and, not knowing what’s come over her stops by the nearest pub intent on doing tequila shots until she falls off the stool. Instead she does FINN MASTERS in the beer garden, unwittingly participating in her first ever threesome. The boots were the bait, the timing was right and Eleanor has new digs. It’s Finn job to prevent Eleanor’s misbehaving. His failure means he’ll have to ride shotgun and do damage control until Eleanor moves out at the next full moon.
With Eleanor in residence, Jill’s bolder, sexier, willing to take risks. But is she a whole new Jill, or is it just demon courage? And how will Finn feel about her when she’s just plain Jill again? Will the maddeningly magical ménage make Jill’s dreams come true, or will it break her heart?

Available from: - Amazon Uk and Amazon .COM

More links will be added here as they become available:



There was a soft knock on the door and Meinrad entered the room with several hanks of what looked like ordinary rope. He nodded his greeting to Finn, then his gaze came to rest on Jill, and she felt her entire body blush at his inspection. ‘Turn around,’ he said.

She obeyed.

He made some sound low in his throat that could have passed as either approval or not. Then he placed a large hand on her shoulder and turned her back to face him. She noticed he wore the Kinky Boots uniform T-shirt stretched tight across his very broad chest. The shop name was punctuated by the hard pressure of nipples on muscular pecs. The black jeans he wore rode low on his hips. The wave of lust that rushed over her was staggering. How had she not noticed how sexy he was?

Then Finn moved to stand beside him, and she understood. Even though Meinrad was by far the larger man, Finn dominated the room. Finn dominated the space. Finn dominated every second of the last twenty-four hours of her life, as though he had shoved his way in and pushed everything else out. It did things to her, that thought, things that were way beyond lust, things that were a lot more frightening than being possessed by a demon.

He stood gazing down at her from some neutral distance that made her feel very much alone, as though the world and everyone in it had receded, leaving her to await her fate. Eleanor was keeping a low profile. Finn spoke without preamble. ‘Unless something’s hurting you, while Meinrad’s binding you, you’re not to speak. You’re only to move when he moves you. You’re to do exactly as he says. You’re to accept what he does to you in total passivity. Is that clear?’

‘Is he going to fuck me?’ She was embarrassed the minute she said it but it was too late to take it back.

‘If I want him to, yes,’ Finn said.

If Finn wanted him to. Dear God, what was she doing? Suddenly she felt unsteady on her feet. She didn’t know Meinrad. Not like she knew Finn. And yet the thought of the big man hammering her with his enormous cock while she was all trussed up was at least as exciting as it was uncomfortable. The thought that he would do so only at Finn’s bidding excited her even more.

‘There’ll be no safe word,’ Finn continued. ‘All you have to do is tell Meinrad to stop. Or if at any time he thinks you’re not fit to continue, he’ll stop, and that’ll be that. Are we clear?’

She nodded. ‘And what about you?’

‘Meinrad’s acting on my behalf.’ Finn held her in a cool gaze. ‘He’ll do as I say, and so will you, unless you choose at any point not to play.’ For a long moment he studied her, as though he might see something, perhaps some flaw, perhaps some weakness, she didn’t know what. He seemed too far away to tell. She held her breath. Waiting.

At last he blinked and stepped back, still holding her gaze. ‘I’ll ask you again, Jill. Are you sure this is what you want?’

She nodded, afraid to speak for fear her heart would jump out of her throat. Then she remembered to breathe again.

Finn said nothing. He took her hands in his and offered them to Meinrad, who took both her wrists in one huge palm and tied them across one another in a simple looped knot from which she could have easily escaped if she’d wanted. Then he led her to the bed and guided her onto it. There, he secured her hands to the headboard with several feet of slack, enough to allow him to work around her and at the same time allow Finn to observe from every angle. A quick glance over her shoulder revealed Finn had pulled a ladder back chair to the side of the bed and sat emotionlessly looking on. A quick glance was all she got before Meinrad settled her into a kneeling position facing the wall with her hands resting on the headboard.

In the beginning, it felt as though she were being decorated with rope; that’s the best way Jill could describe what Meinrad was doing to her. The rope was softer than she expected it to be and not unpleasant against her bare skin. The embarrassment she felt came, flashed hot, then passed as Meinrad looped the rope and efficiently placed knots above her breasts and then below and then tightened and cinched his efforts until the harnessing effect squeezed and pinched and offered up each of her breasts in a tight little nest of rope, like ripe fruit topped by the cherry-hard rise of her nipples. She’d always had sensitive breasts and to have them so handled and bound made her whole chest burn with a need that was replicated in her pussy.

Meinrad worked in complete silence, his hands moving over her body as though she were nothing more than the canvas for what he was creating. His touch was exacting and his rhythm as he worked was hypnotic. Early on she realised that one of his hands was on her at all times. She remembered basic knot training from her childhood days in the Girl Guides. Right over left and under and through. Left over right and under and through. Rope threaded through competent fingers, rope slid over bare skin, coiling, twisting, binding, descending right over left and left over right, pressing a column of knots down the length of her spine before looping around her waist and embracing her belly. Again. And again. Yes, she was his canvas, and what he created took its shape against her flesh, but his art didn’t happen without exacting a price from him, and in her peripheral vision, as he reached around her to secure a knot over her navel, she caught a glimpse of the erection set tight in his black jeans, and she felt the hitch of his breathing not quite hidden in the rhythm of right over left, left over right. As he crossed the ropes around her body, she felt the heat of his breath whisper along her back next to the weaving and twisting and soft swishing of the rope along her spine.

With a tug of the rope every pore of her body responded to the tightening just as he nestled a knot against the pucker of her bottom and her gasp sounded like a rush of wind in the stretching silence. Meinrad gave a little pull and her clit hardened in empathy with the pressure between her buttocks. Then without warning, he slipped an arm around her and turned her over as he pulled two strands of rope up between her legs, up tight against her upper thighs like the elastic of knickers, or a tightly cinched climber’s harness. That done, with a deft movement of his fingers he secured a knot just over her clit, and this time she cried out in the strange mix of discomfort and arousal. The whole gape of her was pressed between the two strands of rope, knotted at fore and aft like a ship, narrow and thick-hulled.

There was barely time to get used to the strange rub and pressure between her legs, or the knot that felt like the tip of a thick finger attempting to breach her bottom, before Meinrad began to bind her thighs to her lower legs and ankles, making the position in which she knelt mandatory. With each knot, with each looping of the rope, he forced her bent legs further apart until she was wide open, yet at the same time held closed by the ropes between her legs. Bound and kneeling on the bed, she tried to breathe deeply, tried to fight back the panic of her own helplessness, something she had never experienced before. She was dangerously close to hyperventilating, and Eleanor seemed to be completely absent from the whole event.

‘Shall I continue?’ Meinrad asked.

K D Grace believes Freud was right. In the end, it really IS all about sex, well sex and love. And nobody’s happier about that than she, cuz otherwise, what would she write about?

When she’s not writing, K D is veg gardening or walking. She walks her stories, and she’s serious about it. She and her husband recently walked the Coast to Coast rout across England. For her, inspiration is directly proportionate to how quickly she wears out a pair of walking boots.

K D has erotica published with Xcite Books, Harper Collins Mischief Books, Mammoth, Cleis Press, Black Lace, Erotic Review, Ravenous Romance, Sweetmeats Press and others.

K D’s critically acclaimed erotic romance novels include, The Initiation of Ms Holly, The Pet Shop. Her paranormal erotic novel, Body Temperature and Rising, the first book of her Lakeland Heatwave trilogy, was listed as honorable mention on Violet Blue’s Top 12 Sex Books for 2011. Book two, Riding the Ether, is now available.

K D Grace also writes hot romance as Grace Marshall.

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Valentine's sale - mwoah!

Hi there lovelies and lovers...
Well another Valentine's Day is almost upon us - ahhh, the pining, the heartache, the waiting for the gentle thud of cards on the door mat.... and saucy books! (yay)
So, if you're looking for a little something to spice up the 14th - look no further than the Beachwalk Press sale! To get 50% off all ebooks simply use this code at the checkout - VALENTINE2013
If you haven't read them yet, now's good time to try my own saucy, sexy books!
Mia's Books - an award winning erotic ghost story and
A Clockwork Butterfly - an erotic fantasy designed to get even the coldest blood heating up nicely!
 And to celebrate the big Valentine's sale - the Beachwalk authors are sharing their favourite steamy scenes from their books on the blog - why not go and take a look!

Thanks and happy smoochin'
T x x x