Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Waiting Game

I'm so excited about my new futuristic erotic novel, which is being published by the lovely Beachwalk - and here's the cover - how lush is that?

A Clockwork Butterfly is about the future of humankind being dependant on the arousal of its women - so some lovely world saving romps occur. There is a problem though, our heroine, Lena, has a big moral dilemma about what is best for the planet...

OK, the other big thing is - it's not coming out until June 18th! Help! My fingers will be mere bony nubs from biting my nails so.
It's the waiting game for me.

In the meantime, I will have to content myself with writing the next novel and there's some inspiring calls for short stories.
I know the time will fly by and I'll wonder where it went, but for now...

Hope you all have a lovely day and don't have too much waiting to do.

T x x x

Thursday, 9 February 2012

I really ought to take care of that...

Well, I don't think it's escaped anyone's notice that the pinnacle of the romantic year is almost upon us. Valentine's day. Hmmm, dreaming about heart shaped chocolates, roses, poems with sublime naughty undertones.

But first - another vitally important ceremony which determines whether afore mentioned loveliness will happen...

The post winter moult. Yikes.
In nature this happens spontaneously and without any implements of torture (my carpets bear testament to this by my animal friends depositing little piles of fur and fluff all over). In my human world though, the defuzzing is a torturous affair that I take the whole winter to work up to.

And today is the day.

I have to wear nylon stockings tomorrow (yay a party!) now those of you who have worn real nylons before know how they ruche and wrinkle at the merest hint of lady growth beneath them. So ankles, shins, calves, knees and thighs must be silky smooth.

So I am writing this blog waiting for the soluble aspirin to take effect. Here's a tip if you are about to get your legs waxed - taking aspirin (if you can - I'm no medic - read the label and all that...) may help stop the redness and blotching - it does for me anyway. Then it's off with my hair!

I was thinking how lovely to be a character in a naughty romance - I have never had any of mine that I've made up or read about have to go through this ordeal (unless it's part of a saucy scene).

When I'm writing, my ladies are all fully prepared at all times, their legs all soft and smooth, for themselves or whoever they chose to run their fingers up and down without cringing inside thinking I really ought to take care of that...

Anyhoo, the wax is-a-bubblin'.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day,
Tabitha x x x

Monday, 6 February 2012

Things that will distract me all day

Hi there,

I have just got the first round of edits back for A Clockwork Butterfly - my futuristic romp - and it is always something I enjoy doing - first of all - there is always a deadline; I thrive on a deadline. Secondly, thank goodness there's an editor to pick up on the things I've missed and bring out the best.

However, deadline or no deadline, there are a few things which will distract me until I get into my writing room - where all outside life ceases to exist - I just have to make it through the door...

Until then, I will be thinking about:

  1. Unblocking the kitchen sink - think somebody might have pushed spaghetti down it instead of pulling it out - grrr.
  2. My new shoes - they are gorgeous - think I may just put them on anyway...
  3. What is involved in a blog hop and should I sign up for one? There's loads right now and they look like fun.
  4. My jaw which seems unable to shut completely - maybe slightly unhinged? (the jaw...not me)
  5. Ughhh, the wallpaper which is hanging off in the hallway... shall I just...
  6. This is the biggest one - HOW CAN I GET TO EROTICON 2012 in three weeks? It's miles away so will involve a mini-break and being able to meet all the ladies I love (yeay! - but major household organisation, train/flights/hotel)
  7. The script I'm currently writing.
As I will have written on my gravestone - It all seems so important at the time!

Now, I think I have chased everything out of my brain sufficiently to make space for my edits.

Thanks for sharing the rant and have a lovely day,

T x x