Friday, 29 July 2011

Blog tour

Well, my-oh-my, I am at the end of my very first blog tour and what a joy it has been! I've been sleeping on the job with Rebecca from Beck's Book Picks (win a copy there!), Talking all things spooky with Tanith Davenport, discussing the uniform of writing with Elizabeth Black, sharing my prudish nature with Gale Stanley and joy of joy, sharing cyberspace with one of my heroes Ms Kd Grace! Thanks to all the ladies for having me.
And with big shout to Ms Lucy Felthouse for making it easy for a nervous nellie!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Ladies Who Launch!

I'm very excited to say that it is Beachwalk Press's Launch week! I am delighted to have Patricia Bates, a fellow Beachwalker with me today letting me in on a few of her writing secrets...
Thanks for joining me today, Patricia!

PB - No worries. Thanks for hosting me :)

TR - I'd love to know, Patricia, who is your favorite character you’ve created and why?

PB - My favorite character? Hmm that's a hard one. I love all of my characters in different ways, however, I think my all time fav has to be Mykyl Tyrson, a sinfully wicked Viking Prince with more than his fair share of sex appeal and a heart of gold. 

TR - Oooo a wicked prince, lovely.... Do you always know what’s going to happen in your stories, or do they surprise you?

PB - Nope, don't always know. I often will do an outline, go into details for major plot points for each chapter, but after a while I've learned that sometimes I'm only the medium, a method for the characters themselves to voice their opinions and tell their stories. 

TR - So your writing can be a surprise even to you - are you a marathon writer, or do you work in short bursts?

PB - I'm both. If I'm in a groove I can write for hours and get huge chunks of the story down, other times I have to force myself to get a chapter done. Regardless, I love every aspect of it and enjoy what I do.

TR -  How do you unwind after a day at the keyboard? 

PB - I tend to watch a movie, read a book...or enjoy a coffee while just sitting. Though in all honesty the end of my day is usually when I turn the computer off.

TR – Which song would be the soundtrack to your new book?

PB - Considering my next book is a bit of a darker Paranormal romance, I'd have to say there are a few options. I think though that the song Taking Chances is a good option. Have to love those sexy, mysterious immortals!

Thank you Patricia! Christmas comes early this year and Patricia's Book, The Cowgirl's Christmas is now available from Beachwalk Press - where you can win prizes and a copy of the book.
You can also catch up with Patricia at one on or all of these...

Also available from Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and All Romance Ebooks