Monday, 30 June 2014

Obstacles, why?

Today I want to talk to y'all about obstacles, and why *we deliberately put them in our way (*by 'we', I of course mean, I)...

In my daily life, I think I am quite capable, for example, if I want a new path in my garden I will simply make one - I can mix cement, do plumbing, plastering, all sorts of things like that. I usually run places, or at least trot - I find walking soooo slow. I rush about all over the place trying to fit in as much as I possibly can into the day, the fear of 'time running out' all around me - all the time.

But then, I have another side to me that loves to be restrained, helpless and hobbled. I have a wardrobe dedicated to the kind of glamour that keeps you slightly useless. Heels that you can't walk in, skirts that awkwardly bind legs together, corsets that restrict breathing and eating, fake nails that render fingers useless, stockings that make going to the ladies' room a bit of an ordeal...

It was the wonderful Vida Bailey who made me address this side of myself when we met at Eroticon in March. While I hobbled and teetered on my heels beside her, she elegant and capable in her comfy flats, she asked: "Why would you do that to yourself? I just don't understand it."

Well, since then, I've thought long and hard, and while there will be more to it than this, I reckon, it's all about being forced to slow down. Forced to accept help (why yes, kind sir, you may take my bags...) - forced to relinquish some control.

Anyway - anyone else do this?

But don't worry - as soon as I'm barefoot and in the grass, I stretch out my free legs and run and run and run. Care to join me Ms Bailey?


Saturday, 21 June 2014



This post has been inspired by 2 things – firstly Cara Sutra's gorgeous Fetish Friday post – read it here  – I too am a stocking lover, wearer and fetishist.

They are my ultimate garment
for making me feel confident and saucy – my favourite state :D There's nothing like being in a business meeting knowing that slight grip on your thigh is your lacy stocking top. I have hundreds of stockings – all in complete disarray. It takes me ages to find a matching pair and I collect them as I go.

I used to favour the traditional style with suspenders, I was a bit of a purist about it– but one day, I laddered my last one and had to use my reserve pair of hold ups – yikes! It always struck me that to have a band of elastic around the fleshiest part of your thigh would look unsightly – pale juicy flesh bulging over the top with even the most svelte of legs not getting away with it. And horror of horrors, what if they fell down unnoticed until they flapped about around the ankles being dragged through puddles like the white socks and sandals of childhood – I can still feel the weight and slap of wet socks hanging out through the toes of ill fitting footwear. Can you? Ugh! And so with reluctance, I pulled them on.
Wow – amazing! They stayed up beautifully and all day – and felt more secure than usual. I'm afraid I'm hooked.

One of the lovely things about wearing suspenders is that a trained eye will know you have them on – someone who knows to look out for those vertical lines over your bottom cheeks... So perhaps that is the one sacrifice of the hold-ups – the secret stays firmly with the lady ;)

Oh and I like big pants. Bring back the VPL – that is my mission! I adore seeing ladies bums in tight jeans with the knicker elastic sculpting a shape beneath. Bring back 70's bottoms!
To me, thongs are the worst!

Anyhoo – I must dash – the second thing that inspired this stocking post is that I'm off to the ETO to hang out with Lexie Bay, fly the flag for the Brit Babes and support my dear buddies Kd Grace, Kay Jaybee and Lucy Felthouse with their erotic writer of the year nominations! Good luck ladies x x It will be a stocking bonanza for the next 36 hours! Hooray :D

Tabitha's stocking rules:
Always seamed (I love both French and Cuban heel)
Always lace topped
Always suspenders over knickers
Always big knickers (or no knickers)
Always carry spares! (If this is not possible – a ladder can be tamed at source with a spot of nail varnish or in big emergencies, lipstick)
Always buy in bulk!

See you soon,

Tabitha x x x

Friday, 20 June 2014

Sweet Spot – A New Lesbian Sports Romance by Lucy Felthouse! (@cw1985 @8britbabes) #erotica #romance #lesbian

Please welcome the delightful Lucy Felthouse  - she's spotlighting her new book, Sweet Spot

A Raw Talent book.
Virginia Miller is an up-and-coming tennis star. She’s gone from a ratty tennis court in a park in south London, England, to the world’s top training facility—Los Carlos Tennis Academy in California. In awe of the talent around her, Virginia is all the more determined to make the most of the opportunity and show that she’s worthy of her place there. Her mentor, Nadia Gorlando, has every faith in her.
But Virginia finds herself distracted—Nadia, as well as being a top-notch tennis player, is seriously sexy, and Virginia’s mind keeps wandering where it shouldn’t. Will her crush get in the way of her career, or can she find a way to push the other woman out of her mind before it’s too late?
Nadia Gorlando and I had just gotten off the exercise bikes in the gym when one of the academy’s coaches, Peter Ross, headed over to us, all smiles.
“Hey, Nadia,” he said, his all-American grin widening and his blond hair flopping down over his forehead, “I need a huge favor.”
I flicked my gaze to Nadia. She raised one of her perfectly shaped eyebrows and waited for him to continue. He did.
“I totally lost track of time just now and I have an appointment with Travis Connolly. Would you mind wiping down my machine for me? Or maybe stick a note on it saying it’s out of order? I don’t want to leave it all sweaty for someone else. You’ll be doing me a real solid. I’ll owe you.”
My jaw almost hit the floor.
Now Nadia rolled her eyes, looked over at the offending machine, then back at Peter. “Sure, I understand,” she said, as cool as ice. “The world’s number one can’t wait. Go right ahead—I’ll fix it for you.”
He babbled a load of thanks, then jogged out of the gym.
I gaped at her. “You’re not going to do it, are you?”
Nadia chuckled. “Of course not. He may be coaching Travis Connolly and Rufus Lampani for the US Open, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to clean up his mess.” She pointed with her chin over to the machine Peter had just vacated. “Come on, V, I’ll show you how I’m going to deal with this.”
I followed her, grinning. Her tone told me that it was going to be something fun. Well, for us, anyway. Probably not for Peter.
Sure enough, when she returned from the room off the side of the gym, she had a pad of paper and a pen in her hands. Deliberately shielding the pad from my view, she wrote something down, then pulled off the top sheet. Folding it, she then propped it on the sweat-slicked seat so the writing was on view to anyone who happened past.
When I’d read and absorbed the words, I turned to Nadia, impressed. Her smile lit up her face, showing dimples in each cheek, and her brown eyes gleamed with amusement.
It was in that moment that I decided I had the serious hots for Nadia Gorlando.
The sign read,
Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women's Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more at Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at:

Monday, 16 June 2014

It's Today!

Isn't it always? But yay for today!

The Final book in my Clockwork Butterfly trilogy is out today!
It's called The Meeting Point and I'm taking it on tour - you can see where I'm going on my .
interview page

I tell ya - I started writing these books three years ago with a single image in my mind - a tiny
butterfly intricately made of clockwork that would find it's way to it's owner through thick or thin. I had no idea then that it would evolve into a novel, let alone a trilogy. If I'd know, I may never have started it! ;)

Anyway - to those of you who have read any of these books or supported me on my writing journey - here it now ends (for a little while anyway)  - so I thank you.

Here is the attempt I made to articulate the little butterfly - I took apart my grandpappy's watch and a drinks can and made this... One of the loveliest things that could have happened was that the cover artist from Fantasia Frog actually used this very butterfly in the cover art. That was a big thrill!

Anyhoo - I hope you enjoy it!

lots of love Tabitha x x

Here's the blurb n buy links if you fancy more info...

Beachwalk Press
Amazon Com
Amazon UK

Blurb – The Meeting Point
A story of love, freedom, and the future of mankind. Deborah Regan has broken free from the prison where she’s been unjustly held for the past eight years. The scale of the devastation to the land outside is overwhelming. Toxins have taken hold, and the planet is dying. Deborah vows to find her lover Marcus and flee to the safety of the hills where their story first began.
Marcus is one of the few remaining men left on earth, and Deborah finds him held captive at a pleasure farm where he is kept to service rich and powerful women. Escape for him is complex and dangerous. They can only hope that the trio who helped Deborah before will come to their aid. Marcus has heard from his clients over the years of a mythical place with its own microclimate that toxin clouds seem to miss. He is sure they can find it and will be able to build a future together.
Mae, Lena, and Angelo feel compelled to find Deborah and Marcus who they know have a special connection that might prove essential to their survival. They make haste to track the couple and realize the plan they have chosen is fraught with danger and conflict.
Will they make it to the utopia Marcus dreams of?
Content Warning: contains graphic sex scenes with multiple partners, including m/f and f/f sexual interaction, strong language, and end of the world shenanigans
*The explosive climax to Taking Flight and A Clockwork Butterfly.

Other books in the series:

Book 1: A Clockwork Butterfly Now Available for only 99c! Throughout June 14
Book 2: Taking Flight – now available – comment on any of my tour posts and I'll pop you in a draw for a copy of this one – if you can't wait, here's the buy links:

Friday, 13 June 2014

Burning Books, Burning Skin

Well, how are you all doing?
I'm in a hazy glow of OMG! I have been having a hard time with my writing recently which contradicts the amount that is coming out. It's funny how it works - I've just received my author copy of this thought provoking anthology edited by the amazing Remittance Girl from Burning Press Books. It's all about expressing the erotic through body modification and I am delighted that my story was accepted for this. Remittance Girl said she was looking for work that displayed jouissance - what a word. What a word!

Anyway - here's a tiny little snippet from my story... hope you enjoy!

The One 
Tabitha Rayne

As she runs the tip of her tongue over the ridges – the un-natural ridges that I created, I try and hold myself steady. Try not to retreat inside myself and tell her to leave.

She is at the first.

She is going to go through every single one of them in chronological order, I know it. I fight the urge to pull my black polo neck back over my nakedness and hide away.

“Shhh,” she soothes, her soft firm voice at once cradles and commands. “Let me do this.”

I wonder at her perception. She can sense the tiniest shift in my body, my mood, my thought pattern. It’s disconcerting and comforting at the same time and I sigh away my tension, forcing my body down into the carpet. She’s told me she’ll melt me. I don’t believe her but she seems determined enough.

She’s onto the next. Her hot little tongue flirting with the ragged bumps. The crass ones, before I learned to control myself. Before I’d perfected my art. Half of me wishes she’d skip those and get to the beautiful ones, but I don’t say anything, I just concentrate on unfurling the tight, cringing nerve endings that keep me bound into my own skin.

“This is where it started,” she’s onto the third. And she’s right. How can she know that? How can she tell the first two were afterthoughts, a result of a furious outburst?

“Yes,” I hear myself whisper, the tremor in my voice far too apparent. She’ll be angry. Will she?

 “Yes, this is the one when you began to know who you are.”

“How can you tell?” I ask, curiosity suddenly dispelling my nerves.

“It’s smoother.” I lift my upper body to study the arm she’s holding in her hands. It’s my arm. But today, it feels disconnected.

“Only slightly,” I say, a little fearful of contradicting her.

“Yes, but it’s deliberate. It took time to do this one.”...

So there you have it - hope you're enticed to read on.
Get your copy from Burning Press Books now

x x x

Friday, 6 June 2014

Calendar Men: Mr June – The Other Brother by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985)

Please welcome my friend and fellow Brit Babe Lucy Felthouse to highlight her new book :D
Photographer Melodie Carr moved to New York City to escape and make a fresh start. Her soldier fiancĂ© was killed in a friendly-fire incident in Iraq, and she has been struggling to come to terms with it ever since. She still feels strongly about needless death and those left behind, so when she sees a call for photographs for a calendar of topless men, with profits going to the Hero Family Fund, she’s eager to help out. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know any men that fit the profile, so she gives up on the idea. That is, until Patrick Brogan—her late fiance’s brother—turns up in New York. Seeing him brings up all kinds of memories, but she’s determined to push them aside and be friends with Patrick. She also realizes he’d be perfect for the calendar. But can she persuade him to take part?
Melodie Carr reluctantly clicked delete on the e-mail with a disappointed sigh. She couldn’t contribute to the charity calendar for the Hero Family Fund, a cause very close to her heart, because she didn’t know anyone suitable to photograph. Although her photography work varied—from children to pets, landscapes to portraits, she’d done a bit of everything—she got the impression the call for calendar models sought hunky guys to create a collection to make women swoon. Unfortunately, she didn’t work with professional models and therefore had to give up on the idea. A cute dog, something she had plenty of images of, simply wouldn’t cut it.
She might not be able to contribute, but resolved to find out when the calendar would be available and do her bit to help by buying a few copies. Some eye candy on her wall would definitely not go amiss, and her friends Poppy, Lola and Charis, and her grandmother, Joyce, would no doubt appreciate it. She grinned. Joyce, always good fun, said, there’s no such thing as too much eye candy. The saucy old broad.
Her smile faded. She missed her, having not been back to Boston to see her friends and family for a while. She should ask Joyce to come and visit her in New York—she hadn’t traveled much, and would love the hustle and bustle, the endless opportunities to people watch. Maybe Melodie and the rest of the family could buy her a ticket for her birthday. She’d have to give it some thought. It sure would be nice see a familiar face, other than via Skype.
Someone pressed the buzzer to her apartment and she sighed again. It was probably a delivery driver trying to get into the building. It wouldn’t even be a package for her.
Taking her time getting to the intercom, she hoped whoever it was would go away. No such luck—the buzzer squawked again. She inhaled deeply, trying to rein in her annoyance and avoid being rude or abrupt.
“Hi,” a male voice said. “Are you Melodie? Melodie Carr?”
“I am.” A caller looking for her? Had she ordered something and forgotten about it? “Who’s calling?”
“It’s Patrick,” the voice replied. “Patrick Brogan.”
“Patrick….” Speechless, she laid a hand on the wall to steady herself as the bottom dropped out of her world. Evidently, running to New York—albeit under the pretense of a good career move—hadn’t been enough. Her past still followed her, still tried to flood her with reminders of what she’d lost.
Damn, the man’s persistent. She never should have admitted her identity before asking his. She could have told him he’d gotten the wrong place and sent him away.
Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women's Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more at Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at:

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Smutty fun by the Sea in Scarborough

It's almost that time of year again!
Smut by The Sea in Scarborough - yay
Last year I went with my friend Scarlet and we had an absolute ball - sadly I won't make it this year but I hope you do! (Me n sexy Tilly Hunter even went sea swimming - it was proper cold!) Here's some more information.
Smut by the Sea on the 14th June is the second time the smutters have taken over Scarborough library. Last Summer we had a fabulous time check out the photos and blogs here  and this year we’ve got even more for you to enjoy.
Sessions from  bestselling authors Victoria Blisse, KD Grace and Lucy Felthouse on different aspects of erotic writing set you up in the morning. Start with inspiration with Victoria, then KD Grace helps you write better erotica by finessing sex.  The last workshop of the day gives you the tools you need to wow editors and get your stories accepted and will be led by Lucy Felthouse.
After a free lunch (oh yes, such a thing exists!) we’ll be enjoying the Reading Slam, short, sexy snippets from some of the smutty authors in attendance.  You’ll get tasters of some of the best erotica and erotic romance in the country and their books will be available to purchase at the book stall too.
All day you’ll be able to browse the stalls in the side room, check out Steph’s Ann Summer’s goodies, hot books from attending authors or pick something unique up from our craft stall. Then of course you’ll want to have a go on our unique erotic tombola –  the prizes are truly thrilling!  
Tickets are selling fast, but there are some left. So what are you waiting for? Join us for lots of smut and laughter at Scarborough library on the 14th June from 9.30am.

Quotes from last year’s Smut by the Sea Attendees:
In between the readings there was another key component that made SBTS such a fantastic experience, and that was the chance to chat, to share ideas, to meet people face-to-face who we had only ever talked to online before and to discover that they were just as amazing face-to-face as they are on social media.” KD Grace
For an amateur erotica author and long-time consumer of smut, the day was a perfect mix of readings, more formal Q&A but also the chance to mingle with all the participants and ask questions. I was blown away by how friendly everyone was, and how much advice I was given.” Anna Sky
“So, lovely people, smut, PVC, fish and chips and ice cream – how good a day is that?!!” Slave Nano

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sunday Snog!

Hello lovelies

Here's my Sunday Snog from The Meeting Point... Click on the links for more snogs from your fave saucy authors :)

“Oh God, how I’ve missed you.”
The words came out in great sobs and Deborah was overwhelmed at his reaction. She squeezed
tighter, hoping it would hold his emotions together and not send him spiraling out of control.
“I’ve searched for such a long time. Such a long time. I thought I’d never hold you again.”
She could barely breathe, inhaling shallow hiccup breaths as he squeezed. If she wanted to, she could slip though, right through, into the very soul of him right now. It was a tantalizing thought and she let her physical self go.
“No!” She was being shouted at and shaken. “Wake up! Deborah, my God. I’m sorry.”
Deborah came to, scared once again by his strength and size. What was going on here? Had he lost all sense of scale? Deborah put her hands to her chest and breathed in reviving air, air revved and electric with his aura.
He was smoothing her hair gently once more, his eyes filled with fear. “I thought I’d killed you. I’m so sorry. I—”

Deborah leaned into his lips, tasting her true love for the first time in eight long years. It was the same exquisite Marcus and her mouth watered for his kiss. It came. Soft at first, then hard and fast, devouring her lips, skimming her teeth with his tongue and tangling up in hers. She met him lick for lick, mouths undulating together with need, sorrow, regret, and joy. Deborah couldn’t believe the whirlwind of emotions being explored through this one kiss. The kiss where souls collide... 

Check out the other Snoggers at Victoria's site :D 

Please Be Gentle With Me

Yikes! After months of taking part in Sinful Sunday as a spectator and making comments on others' fab work - I've finally plucked up the courage to join in...

Please Be Gentle With Me

Click on the lips to see some saucy, sexy and intriguing pictures - today's theme is Black and White
Sinful Sunday