Sunday, 31 May 2015

Broken Wings

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Sinful Sunday

Sunday, 24 May 2015


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Sinful Sunday

Champagne and Tits

Here's a full story from Sexy Just Got Rich from The Brit Babes :D for the Snog!

Enjoy! But first... pour yourself a glass of bubbly...

Champagne and Tits

Bosoms. Breasts. Tits. Funbags. Nipples.
Whatever. I am completely indifferent to them. They do nothing for me. I like looking at them on other women but mine are of no consequence to me. Well that’s not true—Jim adores mine. He says they are perfectly made to fit in his cupped palm. He sometimes comes up to me from behind and slides his hands up to hold them, knead them, letting the nipples slide between his fingers as he does. Teasing, pressing, coaxing.
They just aren’t sensitive at all. I know it saddens Jim but they really just aren’t. I’ve heard of women who can climax from nipple stimulation alone. My breasts are so insensitive that I can’t even muster envy for that kind of experience—I wouldn’t know how to even imagine what that would be like.
Jim has made it his mission to give me a sexual response through my breasts—I really wish he wouldn’t. It isn’t unpleasant having attention lavished on my bosom but there are far more exciting and stimulating parts that could be attended to. Take the crook of my arm… oh my god… nibble on the inside of my elbow and I will do anything you want… anything. There is a path with a very distinct trail leading from there to my clitoris. All the nerve endings are in perfect alignment on that particular journey, oh yes.
Or my shoulders, or the vulnerable fleshy bit of my arm just where is reaches my underarm—I’m squirming and wriggling just to think of it.
But tonight, I know it; Jim has something planned for me. He’s been looking at my tits all day and there’s champagne in the fridge—some Krug left over from my most recent event. He’s even chilled the flutes in the freezer.
“Strip.” He commands as he presses play on the music remote. My favourite sex song plays, bassy and seductive. I sway and peel away what little clothes I have on and drop them to the floor, leaving my heels and panties. His gaze skims over my body and comes to rest, as I knew it would, on my breasts. I pre-empt his request by taking them in hand and squeezing the nipples to the hypnotic pulse of the beats.
He backs out of the room to the kitchen, eyes still fixed on me, to get the champagne. The best I could find to woo potential clients last night. I’m not sure if they were impressed by my presentation or not, but no matter, gaining new clientele has almost become a sport rather than proper business, lord knows I don’t need the money. Jim seems to like it though, spending it anyway. He has a good eye and catching a glimpse of myself in the gilt mirror opposite, I see evidence of his talents in the underwear I’m wearing. Classy. Silk. Very damn expensive. Designer, apparently, very exclusive though I’ve never heard of them. All this money doesn’t sit right with me at all. I am patron of many charities and clubs yet still, I can’t help the feeling that I’m cheating. It’s as if I don’t feel worthy of such riches. That’s why I feel lucky to have Jim. Even though it’s my own money, he lavishes me with all the luxury I deny myself. The pop of the cork sends shivers of anticipation through me. He expertly holds the stems in one hand and pours with the other. Foam spills over his knuckles and I lick my lips. He keeps pouring until the glasses brim. He puts down the bottle and hands me a drink.
“Down half a glass and no more.”
I do as he says, the cold bubbles chill me with delight and it feels good to swallow a big mouthful over my throat instead of the usual delicate sips.
“On all fours.” Taking my glass, he tips his head and drinks the rest of bubbly then reaches the bottle to top it up again.
No fair, I think while settling my knees into the softest bit of rug.
He examines me for a few moments then kneels at my side, looking at my swinging breasts as if assessing them. He fills the two glasses a little more and looks back at me. He cups one of my boobs and puts a glass beneath it. I hunch my back like an angry cat to get away from the cold liquid.
“What are you doing?” I ask, a little nervous.
“Just trust me.” He gently presses my upper back in reassurance and my chest falls to the rim of the glass. He takes my breast and guides the nipple into it. I want to giggle, it feels absurd but he looks so serious with his intent that I think better of it. My boobs aren’t very big so the nipple and areola fit nicely. It doesn’t quite reach the fizz below and when I breathe or move at all, the glass threatens to tip and spill. “Hold steady,” Jim says and dips in to the side of my breast just at where the glass and flesh meet. I watch from through my arms as his mouth latches to my skin and glass and he suckles the air from the space. The vacuum he creates elongates my nipple until it dips into the champagne, just a little. A prickle of excitement at the image sweeps over my back and down into my abdomen. But it’s not from the sensation of it, just the sight of it. I can’t even feel the bubbles on the tips of my nipples. I make an mmmm sound so Jim won’t be too disappointed at my lack of response. The pressure feels nice though. And the cold is making me shiver as he comes to the right to attend to the other side. He latches the flute onto my other boob, being a little rougher this time, squeezing a little harder and suckling a little more ferociously. Another mmmm escapes my throat and this time, I’m astonished to find that it is a genuine one. There is a swell of something in my chest. I’m not sure it’s coming from the nipples themselves but there is definitely something occurring within my breasts. I hold still, not wanting spill the champagne or even break the glass—an image of horror and blood threatens to spoil the mood but Jim pulls my hair into a bunch at my nape and lifts my face up to his.
“I’m fucking hard seeing you like that. Seeing your pretty little tits all gobbled up and sucked. They’ve gone all pink and puckered.”
I move my head to see them but he holds me fast. He dips to my shoulder and nibbles just the way I like it. Electricity shoots through me, this time, taking a detour to my nipples as he rocks me, making the champagne swill around the glass and creep up my tits.
He lifts the bottle to my upturned lips and pours into my mouth. I splutter and cough and he takes a swig himself.
“I bet you’re nice and wet for me now, aren’t you?”
And yes, yes I am wet. I’m in that space where I’m using all my strength to stop myself from crushing the glass and causing injury while he could do anything to my exposed rump. His body heat leaves as he goes to stare at that very spot taking the champagne with him. I tense, guessing what will happen next. I’m right.
Champagne spatters onto my lower back and dribbles onto the rug as he keeps pouring, moving down to my ass, running in between my cheeks through the silk of my knickers. The liquid tickles at my anus and down to my pussy—it’s so cold I almost jump up in fright but that palm is there again, soothing and stilling at my back while my tits sway in the glasses. The feeling in my chest is like nothing I’ve felt there before. The bubbles are tickling and massaging my nipples and the suction is definitely doing something for my arousal. My clit seems to be swelling every time the champagne swooshes around. I concentrate hard on the connection desperately wanting it to be true.
He has his cock out. I can tell it’s in his hand, all weighty and solid as he stares at me from behind, I know it. I want him to do something filthy like shove two fingers in and out while he watches and rubs himself.
And he does, as if reading my mind he roughly pulls my panties to the side and fingers me hard and fast while fisting his cock. I want to watch, I want to see. I twist, looking for a mirror or reflective surface and find one. Luckily, the light is just right on one of the paintings and it reflects the scene—darkened from not quite being a mirror. And what a sight. The glasses are tipping and moving and my ass is high but the most erotic thing of all is seeing Jims sinews and muscles work in his arm as he pumps his cock hard in time with the finger fucking he is administering. His look is filthy, utterly absorbed in watching my greedy pussy gobble up his digits. The crotch of my knickers is pulling and tugging at my pussy lips and clit and it is heaven as the welling in my cunt rises. My arms are shaking from holding up my weight and the swooshing of the now warming champagne is shooting lightning through my tits. It is a fucking sexy sight.
“You like that, hmm?” Jim notices where I’m looking and locks his eyes to mine in the reflection. “You like to see me ravishing your wet cunt with my hands.” To emphasise it, he must be shoving another finger inside as the pressure is intense. I want more. I could take more, I’m sure. I’m so hot and wet and ready for fucking, I could take his cock in there too I’m sure. “Yes, I bet you like to see your pretty little tits all tight and sucked too. Do you?”
I break eye contact and look at them all elongated and red.
“Yes, yes I do.”
“Good,” he says and pulls his fingers out of my pussy and rips down my pants aiming his cock at my hole. He grabs my hips to steady me and ploughs his cock right up inside, it is so hard and I cry out as my arms almost give way. He holds fast and fucks me quick and ferociously and my pussy feels raw with it. He reaches round with his right hand and pulls at the glass there. The suction is intense and my tit feels an almost bruising sensation but it is glorious and horny as he pulses it in time with his thrusting.
My pussy is clutching and grabbing at him and I’m in a different zone with all the sensations streaming through my body, converging at my clit which is now soaring with need. I try to balance on my left arm and reach through to it but it’s no good. Jim notices and puts my hand to the glass instead, moving up and down, back and forth to show me what to do. It is sublime and as his fingers snake their way to my hungry clit, I become that point. That pinprick of light a million miles away where all the senses collide. My tits, my ass my pussy, my clit. I am them all, I fly around and back into myself as Jim spasms and bucks his climax into me and my clit is buzzing as I come again and again, rolling in and out of myself as I do, shuddering around my spent lover.
When we both go languid and soft, Jim pulls out of me and crawls to my side. He carefully pushes a lubricated finger into the side of the glass to release the vacuum. A tiny hiss escapes and my breast throbs. He does the other and I kneel up, my tits red and puckered.
Jim leans in and caresses each in turn, massaging them with fingers and tongue. And I feel it. I feel the swell and tickle of arousal right in the tip of my nipples.
He’s done it. He’s awakened me.
When he’s finished, he lifts the warm glasses of champagne and hands me one.

“To champagne,” he says and I raise my glass, then with a wicked grin he adds, “and tits.”

“To champagne,” he says and I raise my glass, then with a wicked grin he adds, “and tits.”

Get your copy now! Paperback or ebook - it's filled with something for every kink and taste :D
More information on this sexy hot book click HERE

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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Free Best Selling Sexy Book!

That's right!

Indulge in some sex book reading and erotic chocolate action for FREE!

Chemical [se]X is free! But hurry ony until the 25th of May...

It reached the giddy heights of NUMBER 1 in the free Amazon bisexual erotica chart - woo-hoo!

And look! Here it is at number 1 - :D

Here's the blurb (go on, you know you want to...):

[1] idea + [13] writers = an erotic anthology like no other!

Chemical [se]X by Oleander Plume starts off this unique collection with a bang. Using a top-secret ingredient, two lonely scientists create the most powerful aphrodisiac chocolates the world has ever seen.

The idea: What would happen if these chocolates reached the hands of consenting adults?

13 writers: From seasoned writers to fresh new voices, each author took the idea and ran - creating mini-masterpieces of chocolate, seduction, and red-hot sizzling sex that will leave your cheeks burning and your fingers reaching for!

The anthology: A stale marriage finds its spark, hot man on man sex at a roller disco, a sub turns Domme, twosomes become threesomes become foursomes, coworkers turn sex partners, dinner parties go wild, friends become lovers, scorching marital romance in a subway station, a woman finds freedom from a strict religious order - these chocolates need to carry a warning, just like this book: too hot to handle!

Authors (in order of appearance): Oleander Plume, Jade A. Waters, Dario Dalla Lasta, Malin James, Tabitha Rayne, Jacob Louder, F. Leonora Solomon, Exhibit A, C.E. Hansen, L. Maretta, Ella Dawson, Tamsin Flowers, Annabeth Leong

Take a bite of Chemical [se]X and taste the attraction!

Here's the book trailer to go with it...

Monday, 18 May 2015

The Meet Up

It's Sinful Sunday time - just about... hoping to squeeze this in at the last minute - stolen moments indeed.

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Sinful Sunday

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Saturday, 16 May 2015

ETO Magazine Interview!

Check it out... I'm in a Magazine!

I was interviewed by the lovely editor and novelist, Dale Bradford for May's Erotic Trade Only mag.
That's me!
You can read it properly online if you click these links and follow the instructions :)

But that's not the most exciting news from this issue - no - the most exciting news is that the nominations for the Erotic Trade Only Awards are in there! And guess what, two fabulous Brit Babes are up for Best Erotica Writer again this year!

KD Grace and Kay Jaybee are there and I'm hoping to cheer them on at a riotous Brit Babe table. Ms Grace won last year. We were so thrilled!
The fantastic Emily Dubberly of Cliterati and Erotic World Book Day fame is up and they are all joined by EL James and Tiffany Reize.

Congratulations to all the ladies!

You can vote - there are lots of categories over the adult erotic industries so lots to choose from. There's so many other cool peeps in there like Cara Sutra, Renee Dyer from Shh, Coco De Mer, Rocks Off and loads more - all waiting for votes!

Follow the instructions on how to here.

I was so excited to be in this mag and I took it to my gran's to show her - if any of you have had your hands on a copy, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say, I blushed a little when showing her the centrefold.

Anyway - until next time, Happy Voting and lots of love x x x

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Springtime Shibari

It's Sinful Sunday time!

This is inspired by May's prompt of No Humans

Springtime Shibari

As a late addition, here's the colour version - I was tortured all week over which one to choose, or whether to show both - Molly's comment below made me think, ach, pop it up!

Springtime Shibari 2

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Sinful Sunday