Monday, 15 September 2014

How to make a sexy stocking Puppet!

Hey there me hearties!

Now I'm sure you all took part in the Snog for Sommer yesterday and were coveting one or two of the prizes... If you didn't win a certain sexy puppet - never fear! As part of my Giving Back to the Internet series (see here) I'm showing you how to make your very own! By the way - if the posts are still up - you have to look at them - I have been astonished at some of the writing as I catch up with them today...

And so to the main event!
How to make this little beauty!

Yes, this could be yours...

Let's begin!

1: Choose an old but clean stocking
This is a French heel but Cuban is equally good

2: Fold back the toe and secure with glue to make a face

3: Choose a strong red vinyl and draw
on some pouty lips*

4: Cut out lips (careful scissors are sharp!)

5: Insert your arm into the stocking to find
where the lips should be placed

6: Glue on the lips making sure
there is a mouth space

7: Begin drawing the eyes-
I used the back of the lip vinyl
8: Make them as sultry as possible
Think - Margarita Pracatan

9: Is she a blue eyed beauty? Or brown
the choice is yours...

10: Careful with those peepers

11: Glue on in a sexy position - remember -
expression is key - along with glamour
I have chosen a Marylin Monroe inspired hair-do
Classic and chic - timeless for the modern

12: Accessorize to your heart's content.
Real gemstones give that
certain je ne sais quoi.
I have used a rose quartz
choker for added class

Now off you go! Time is a wastin'

*Lips inspired by Salvador Dali's room for Mae West
Borrowed from Pinterest

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Snog for Sommer!

Hello – hello!

And thank you for joining me on my little part of this fantstic blog hop - A Snog for Sommer.

If you dropped in by mistake, let me explain...

The awesome author Ms Sommer Marsden family's has been hit hard recently by ill health. 50+ friends, writers and admirers of Sommers are hoping to ease the burden if only a little, financially, by enticing lovely readers to join in, comment, win prizes and hopefully donate to this special Sunday Snog. But best of all - buy her books!

So do go along to the oodles of other authors – you can find the linky-list here – I'm sure there will be lots of fun and prizes – with of course, many many kisses of all kinds so pucker up!

I am offering two prizes – simply leave me a comment with your email address included so I can get in touch when I pick a winner.

Prize 1: an ebook copy of any of my Beachwalk titles – (they are pretty saucy!) read the blurbs here.

What a corker!
Prize 2: I was going to offer a cash prize but I donated it to the cause instead! Go here if you wish to do the same... So – as a consolation, I have made a sexy stocking puppet for one lucky winner to keep forever :D I'll have to post it, but I'll email you first to make sure you're up for that.

If you don't win the puppet, don't be too downhearted, come back tomorrow when I'll show you how to make your very own sexy stocking puppet – a friend for life :D

And so – to the snog

Here's a short story called The Birthday Cake – it's more of a build up to a snog – I hope you enjoy it! Remember to mosey on down to the other snoggers – I'm a-telling-ya, you'll be giddy all day with the love x x

I plucked one of the candles out of the thick frosting and held it out to her, still smouldering.
Note the rose quartz choker
“Why don't you wrap your lips around it and lick it clean?”
Her face was stony and her exasperated breath matched the look in her eyes.
“Don't be crass Quentin.”
Quentin. She'd been calling me my full name for the past few days. I was still unsure of what had caused this most recent mood but it was certainly something of my doing.
“Oh go on,” I persevered, waving the sticky candle over the table. It hadn't escaped my notice that she hadn't gone to the trouble of buying those little coloured birthday candles but had plumped instead for the emergency dinner ones from the bits and bobs drawer. At least she'd made a cake. That was something. An olive branch of sorts. “It would be a shame to waste this creamy celebration.”
A flicker at the corner of her mouth hinted at a thaw. My groin twitched at the thought of watching her ease the sugary shaft into her pout and tease me, undulating her tongue around and around. I could even hear the slide and pop as she pulled it out, clean and slick with her saliva. I waggled it again, urging her to take it from me, lifting my eyebrow in that way I hoped was sexy.
She rolled her eyes but then, very slowly, reached out.
I thought about snatching my hand away and making her come closer but relinquished it in favour of holding the fragile moment. It was time to play by her rules precisely. Her fingers hovered slightly and for a moment I thought she might withdraw them. I held my breath as she took the candle and the ice thawed.
I didn't want to be too eager so I settled back into my chair and just watched. Her gaze met mine and she lifted the frosting to her lips. Her pupils dilated and she shifted in her seat. Had she felt it? She must have. The rigid pose softened and she smeared the soft butter icing over her red red lips easing them open with the end of the candle. It was exactly what I'd seen in my mind just a few seconds before.
White blobs of frosting clung to her lips as she opened her mouth, wrapping her tongue around the candle, sucking and licking it clean. Her mouth was such a sensual thing, moving and teasing me, just as I wanted. My cock swelled and strained in my jeans but I stayed still, not wanting to break the static spell that hung between us.
The skin at her throat blushed crimson and she sucked, pushing the candle in deeper. It was a good sign. She shifted a little and I knew if I peeked under the table, her legs would have parted. Lust hung heavy on her expression now and I inhaled deeply, feeling confident this was the start of something. Something to heal and shatter the chill from the past few days. I ventured a hand to her knee and it yielded to my touch, falling to where I pushed. Running my palm up her inner thigh I shuddered when I felt the nylon change to lace.
She'd known there'd be a reunion tonight. She'd planned this. It was her seduction all along. Not mine.
I fell into her heady trap and all I could hear was the slide and pop of the candle as she pulled it out, slick and shining with her saliva.

This was written for Victoria Blisse's challenge, Every Day Kinky.

Remember to comment for a chance to win either prize! And hop on over to the other Snoggers.

Love love love to Sommer and family x x x

Monday, 8 September 2014

Giving Back with Vida's Vulva Cupcakes

Yes! I put a call out for lovely guests who want to Give Back to the internet by sharing something that others may not know - Check out the post here - and give me a shout if you fancy joining in!
My first guest is the wonderful Vida Bailey who is sharing her extensive knowledge of butter cream icing - fuck yeah!!! Take it away Ms B

Butter cream, mmm, butter cream.
047.JPGExcept... any time I buy a cupcake it tastes of icing sugar and paste. Huge heaps of it. On a dry cupcake. I won’t go there today, let’s stick with the butter cream. A friend said she doesn’t like cupcakes because the frosting doesn’t taste of anything. She hasn’t had mine yet! My cupcakes bring all the girls (and often discerning boys) to the yard.
But, I do agree that it’s a frosting that is a little too sweet for a lot of adult palates. And yes, children tend to eat the frosting and then leave the cake – maybe there’s a (slightly disgusting and unhygienic) solution to be found in that equation. I do have a friend who saves the frosting ‘til last, but I think that’s a waste. There should be enough for every bite, in my boring opinion. Not do I agree with the friend who critiqued my cupcakes by saying you shouldn’t see any cake at the edge. I don’t think that’s true, personally. Less is more, and anyway, I make up for it with the height of the swirl, not the width of it. Rose swirls go all the way to the edge, the others don’t have to.
I’m getting ahead of myself. Pasty frosting. Puts people off cupcakes, makes them disparage them as ‘just buns for yummy mummies to get competitive over’.
I disagree. To the point that I find myself filled with an inexplicable rage when I hear this opinion aired. Or maybe I just don’t like my co-worker very much. Anyway...
My butter cream frosting has butter. And cream. And a variety of flavours. What Christmas fare do we have here? Chai cupcakes with cherry filling and white chocolate vanilla butter cream topped with a cookie. That white chocolate frosting is incredible on dark chocolate cupcakes dusted with cinnamon.
Or a strawberry cupcake with fresh strawberry and liqueur butter cream... these are a palate surprising revelation, let me tell you.

017.JPGContinuing the fruit theme, blackberry minis with blackberry and whiskey frosting, for a book launch – berries gathered from the house where the memoir is set! This was a really lovely one.

Vanilla chocolate butter cream modified from a favourite cake recipe. Photo credit to my friend Nicola.
So, how? Well, babies, let me tell you. I’m afraid a Kitchen Aid style cake mixer makes life an awful lot easier. I know it’s out of budget for a lot of people – it was out of budget for me, but I bought it anyway. I’m probably still paying it off about four years later, but I’m still glad I did. If you don’t have one, a hand held mixer will do.
choccupcake.jpgStart with about half a pound of butter, mix it ‘til it’s creamy. If you’re adding melted chocolate, mix it in afterwards. Slowly add about three cups of icing sugar bit by bit. If adding cocoa or drinking chocolate, mix it in with the sugar. Once it’s incorporated, pop on your mixer to medium speed and let it mix away for a while, ‘til it gets paler. Now you can add your vanilla (I would suggest always adding  vanilla, vanilla makes everything better). Any other liquid flavours like liqueur or lemon go in now too. You can add your fruit purée then, pop it in bit by bit, so it doesn’t curdle. I’ve had really good results with strawberry, berries, lemon (zest and essence) and passion fruit.  I used to put in a couple tablespoons of cream, but now I find myself adding more, as the lighter and fluffier the better. You can’t really beat it too long – the longer you leave it the whiter, creamier and lovelier it becomes.
Halloween Mint Aero frosted chocolate cakes, with ghosties
Then, put your icing nozzle into a big icing bag. Buy the big wide pastry tips and maybe a coupler too. You want a closed star tip for swirls. Get a container or pint glass, drop the bag in and fold it down over the edge – makes it easier to fill with icing. Squeeze the air out, twist the top, and hold it firmly while you ice your cakes. Turn your cake as you go. If you’re putting on sprinkles or anything, better do it before you refrigerate. I don’t know, they say not to put cupcakes in the fridge, but I actually like them solid as well, with all the flavours condensing together. There are great videos on youtube that illustrate all this and more.

Let me leave you with a little bit of fun, just to keep things erotic. I made these for a Tantra workshop. Can you spot yours? ;)

Wow! Thanks so much for all this information Vida! My favourite are the vulvas - absolutely superb - I must give them a go.
Thanks for joining in the Giving Back to the Internet fun :D

By the way - if you're new to Vida - please take a look at her blog and tumblr - totally shamazeballs of butter cream and more including erotic writing - find her at these places x x x

Saturday, 6 September 2014

An invitation...

I mean, look at this! Someone made this! Amazing

OK so as a writer I'm ALWAYS on the internet asking questions and researching for my books - checking spelling or colloquialisms. It fills me with wonder that people have bothered to be so helpful by uploading all this incredible information that I just take for granted. Amazing.

It makes me acutely aware of how much information I do not upload. Sure, I put some fiction up and chat to my friends offering support where I can, but I have rarely put up instructions or how tos or any other helpful-to-you information. That is probably to do with the fact that I don't feel qualified enough in any field to give advice on how you could do things 'right' or better'.

I have written books, yes, but many other authors do it far more successfully and already give amazing help and advice on the whole writing thang. So I've been thinking... what the hell do I do that I can offer any insight in to. Well, I have a talent for constructing flat pack furniture - who doesn't? My house is always a disaster so DIY or cleaning tips are out. Crafting is done better by others (though I do have VERY scary horror make up tips which I'm saving for Halloween - oh yeah). Pretty much everything I have to offer is already done better and already out there. My sister showed me the proper way to hang loo rolls but that would take a sentence (paper draped over the front). So what can I share? Then I remembered, I invent stuff! Yay! So my how-to will be instructions on how to build your own.... ooohh not telling but I hope you'll come and see :D

Esther Williams
I wish I could give you tips
on how to do this!

I am throwing open this blog once a week and hoping that some spectacular guests come my way to show or tell you how to do things. Every Monday I'm going to post something new from one of these esteemed fellows.

I sooo hope you'll pop by - if you are an author/blogger/person who would like to join in the fun - please email me on tabitharayne@ gmail. com

Anything goes! Tell me how to make a glitter ball - or the rules on where to place a napkin when you leave the table - algorithm for choosing a name, best lipstick, bedsocks, teacosies, horse riding, sex/ relationship tips or even writing/ publishing tips! I want this to be a fun exchange. I want to 'give something back' to the internet that it might never have had...

Thank you sweet lovelies!

I look forward to sharing tips!

x x x xx

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Flash Fiction

Hello cherubs

Well, the amazing Remittance Girl alerted me to a flash fiction course this week run by Leone Ross. It has been hard, exciting and actually made me sit and write something. So, thanks RG.

Here are some of the results...

Inspired by the Scottish Kelpies - 120 words
I see her
She is luminescent, ethereal even. She could be one of us. Her form is human – yet, there's a turn to her instep that hints at a hoof.
Could her fringe be a fetlock twisted in strikken fingers as she gallops men to their doom?
Or is she simply a weary traveller in need of a broad back and four legs to carry her home?
I step from the loch, engaging my most placid gait and make my way to the maiden.
She breathes into my nostrils and I consume her essence. Human all right.
“Hop on,” I whinny. Her eyelids flutter and she exposes her throat. She climbs on to my back.
Just as they all do...

55 words - inspired by a photo of a patch work quilt
The Barren Seamstress
She spends her days cocooned in the quilt she's making. Her own dark space, womb like and separate from the emptiness outside.

Each new patch a souvenir.

“Shhh,” she soothes, “be still my lovelies.”

The slivers of fabric squirm as she stitches in the tears.

Love letters to Mamman and the Devil
1 - baby

I was one of the first to wear disposable nappies, you said. Like astronauts. You felt cumbersome and awkward while the milk dried up allowing you to work four weeks after giving birth. The men in the office gave you papers to file in the bottom drawer, just to watch you bend over in your mini skirt.

You will be able to see the others and perhaps join in if you catch this by the 4th Sept - on Leone Ross's facebook page