Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday Snog - Smut In The City

Howdy snoggers!

Here's the prelude to a kiss from my story The Conjurer which is included in the fantastic Smut In The City anthology. I hope you'll think about grabbing a copy - it's a classy wee book.

Now, you know what to do - have a read then hop along to the other blogs who are indulging in a bit of lazy Sunday kissing action over at Ms Blisse's place...

This little snippet is a scene where Carla, who has recently begun to lose her sight, finds herself in an artist's studio...

The Conjurer

How did you know?” I am lying naked on what feels like a velvet lined alter – though he assures me it’s simply a platform for best viewing his subjects. “Was it obvious?”
He pauses, I can see him from a mirror placed serendipitously on the wall so my eyes can give the impression of looking right at him while he paints, but I am able to catch a woozy reflected glimpse from the side.
Perhaps not to everyone,” he says very gently, “but I study things. Everything. I can’t look at even a glass without being fascinated by how the light strikes it – both piercing and reflecting, causing shadows to make it look whole.” He pauses to load up his brush and perhaps, I think, he might be a little embarrassed about what he might say next.
Go on,” I urge.
Well, it’s just that, most people can’t handle my scrutiny. Most people find it... me... creepy.”
My skin bristles and I’m suddenly panicky. What the hell and I doing here, naked, in a strange man’s flat, drunk and almost blind? I feel a little sick. Creepy? I hold my breath and the air grows static between us. He must see the change in my posture. Self preservation screams at me to shatter the suddenly weird atmosphere. He beats me to it.
I mean, I can’t help staring that’s all,” he says, the slight uneven tone in his voice alerting me to the fact that he knows he’s said something to scare me. “I’m still like a child in that way. It gets hard to cultivate good social skills when you’re talking to someone and all you want to do is study the way their skin skates and moves over the bones beneath.” He manages a soft nervous laugh, trying to soothe me. “I’m not really... I mean... I shouldn’t have said the word creepy.” He is terribly flustered now and through the mirror I see he is mixing colours frantically on his palette.
It’s all right,” I say, choosing to stick with my initial impression of this man. I hesitate, desperately wanting to ask him the question that no-one will answer, but not wanting to hear the truth either. I have to know. “So how exactly did you know?” I ask the question in a way that I hope he understands what knowledge I’m seeking and that I don’t want to admit that I want to know. I brace myself, thinking he’s going to give a description of my strange looking eyes.
He puts down his brushes and steps out from behind the easel walking quickly towards me. Before I can work out what’s going on, he lifts my face by my chin and through my blinkered vision I feel him looking right into me.
Because you didn’t look away,” he whispers, leaning in to kiss me.

Thanks so much for stopping by! If you this got you all ready for more - take a look at the other snoggers today x x  SUNDAY SNOG

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Quickie

Hi there lovely people of cyberspace!

I just wanted to quickly remind you of the free book Sexy Just Walked into Town
Grab it now! For Free - with all kinds of saucy smutty action from soppy gooey love to full on BDSM hot action, you'll find it all here, between these virtual pages :D - I think you can even read a snippet of Lexie Bay's Flesh for Fantasy and oh my goodness me, if that doesn't get you panting and wafting your lace handkerchief around your blushing cheeks, I don't know what will!
Amazon UK
Amazon com

I was lucky enough to meet up with these sexy ladies in Bristol for Eroticon and I have to tell you, what a bloody lovely bunch of jolly naughty chappesses they are! Especially Lexie and Lily who managed to persuade l'ill ol' me to come to the pub for a refreshing libation or three throughout the weekend...
Theses ladies are...
 Lucy FelthouseLily HarlemKd Grace,Kay JaybeeLexie BayEmmyEllisVictoria Blisse
And together we are, The Brit Babes
The collective term for a group of erotica writers, I believe, is an ejaculation.

Have a fun day!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Everyone else is doing it, so am I!

Free! Until Sunday!
I'm talking about the Eroticon round ups! I am still on a massive come down and just have not been able to start this post – what an amazing time. How fab to be with people you don't have to think quickly whether what comes forth from your psyche via your mouth is appropriate – you can just let it all hang out! Yay :D – and yes, this is the blog where I try to name everyone and link to them so you can see how awesome they are too... Eroticon is an erotica and sex writers' conference.

*This just in - South Bank Seduction is an anthology of saucy stories from folks who attended last year's Eroticon - free until Sunday!*

Friday night was spent with my Brit Babes – an anniversary celebration as we conceived this little group at last year's Eroticon – we got together to help boost each other and bring out more work as erotica writers. We are Lucy Felthouse, Lily Harlem, Kd Grace, Kay Jaybee, Lexie Bay, EmmyEllis, Victoria Blisse and joined by the lovely Mr Kev MitnikBlisse.

It was so exciting to meet with friends and colleagues and meet up with new people too. I tried my best to go round and talk to people I hadn't met before but I think I only managed about 67%. I am endeavouring to catch up with this task on good ol' social media.

Fabulous, beautiful Ruby Kiddle welcomed us and they keynote speakers, warned of censorship and obscenity laws. (My notes from these sessions are pretty much, I'm going to gaol!) - very interesting and a little terrifying.

Yes, that place...
I went along to AshleyLister class – only to find myself giggling and being pretty basic (along with my classmates I might add, not to mention the host!) but through the hilarity, lots of lessons were learned and now I'm trawling through my manuscripts and weeding out the crap. I made it to the sex and spirituality talk with Kd Grace and Victoria – it was a brilliant meeting of curious euphoric souls who are all striving through many paths to describe, pretty much, the same thing... that point... that space... it was awesome! I'm telling ya – I'm writing a blog to explore my feelings on the massive subject... watch this space – I may even start a series getting some opinions from my fellow writers and you dear reader. So fascinating.

Now, here's where the days are merging and things may not flow as they ought. I went to a copywriting talk by the gorgeous and spell binding Cara Sutra – She captivated us for an hour with her advice for writing professionally for the adult industry. Thanks Cara!

There were lots of classes I had to miss because of timing and one that I especially wished I could have managed the space time continuum more effectively was Lily Hastings' guide to body parts. Knowing your arse from another part of your body which I do not know as I missed the workshop! She is soooooo lovely, bubbly and vivacious – we need a whole weekend devoted to her energy!

I didn't manage to stay through the whole of Ecstatic BDSM with London Faerie though I heard it was stunning.

We went for dinner and hung out with people I gasp about when I think of them, so you can imagine my delight! The Britbabes joined by Ashley, Vida Bailey (my new soul crush), Janine Ashbless, MK Elliot, Jacqueline Brocker and Jeniffer Denys. Then the cocktail party – I know, can it get any better???!!! Things began to get hazy – I talked to so many awesome people – I'll make a list at the end with links so you can check them out... however, one was another Tabitha, if by any miracle you are reading this, I didn't get your card, but I loved meeting you! Good luck with the writing :)

Then things fell into the delightful when a rather suave gentleman came up to our group and asked if one of us was Tabitha Rayne? Why yes, (I almost dropped my handkerchief) – well, this gentleman happened to have a gift from me all the way from Oleander Plume in the US – guess what it was? I'm not telling, but it smelled lovely and was nice and tight ;) - hand delivered by the mysterious and lovely EA Unadorned... thank you. (That sounded a bit rude, I'm trying my best not to edit it out...) Met Dale and Lee from ETO too...

God, I'm falling apart...
Lily's article in ETO and Renee's spanker!

We got fab swag bags with lovely things – books, lube, and even a gorgeous garter from Emily Dubberly – thank you! I'm still wearing it with pride :D – Oh and a fucking awesome spanking stick from Renee Rose!!

Sunday was eased in gently with a sun filled breakfast on the canal – heavenly!

I went to KristinaLloyd's flash fiction workshop – “Flash fiction is the clitoris of literature!” amen. Amen! We got treated to readings from delicious ladies Molly Moore and Janine Ashbless.

One of my favourite things was getting Vida Bailly to myself for coffee in the sunshine. I think I might have to keep her!

New books!
I met so many lovely people – Fidencia Solomon is always a favourite – mwoah!
The readings and high tea at the end of the weekend were a perfect finale. I can't believe it was Mister Gryphon and Harper Elliot's first time hosting together – bravo! Quick shout out for Judith Watts' fab poetry.

Oh - the sponsers - fab! And everyone's talking about Doxy massagers - read this awesome review from Girl on The Net

Now I think I am spent. Utterly. I'm sorry if I left you out of this list – I will be kicking myself for days over who I forgot to mention.

I've been told the optimum number of words in a blog is 300 – so I've blown that big time – if you are reading this – thanks for sticking with me :D

Friday, 7 March 2014

White Rabbit

Hello there

Just a quickie today - hope you are all well!
In the future... not too distant I hope, this story is going to be in an anthology from my favourite little fetish boutique, White Rabbit - I thought I'd just give you a taste x x x

White Rabbit - The Switch

If I tilt my head just so, would you know to fall to your knees at my feet? Would you know to surrender to me without question?
This one though, this one is different. As he approaches he flicks a white fan closed and pockets it in his waist coat in the sweeping way of a man who knows how to work a three piece suit. The action raises a flush on my decolette and I'm grateful that I am thoroughly buttoned up today. As long as the flesh on my cheeks remain cool and pale, I will be fine. I will remain in control.
He is standing right before me now – almost toe to toe. I pull back my shoulders and look right up into his face, willing myself not to break eye contact. But it is intense. He stares right back unwavering, unmoving until, with an almost sleight of hand skill, pulls out a pocket watch and glances at it.
We're late,” he says grabbing my wrist and pulling me behind him on tripping heels.
In all my life I have never allowed someone to usher me anywhere like this. I am furious, and yet, not. His stride is enormous compared to my stuttering trot, my legs seemingly bound together by my pencil skirt. My thighs rub together in a way that highlights the fact that I am damp. Damn it. Where is my self control?
My heel catches on an uneven flagstone and my ankle tips painfully. He never breaks step – simply squeezes my hand more firmly and tugs. I am breathless as I almost fall over, catching furtive glances from onlookers who witness my stumbling.
Where are we going?” I ask but he never looks back, he just throws me a gruff comment over his shoulder.

We're late.”

It's not edited yet so please be forgiving! 
I've added some drawings to my drawings page - take a look if you fancy x x x