Monday, 31 August 2015

Trudy - Masturbation Monday Birthday Post

Not only that – it’s the first birthday of Masturbation Monday!! Whoop! If you pop on over to the Brit Babes site, we are lucky enough to have MM founder Kayla Lords there sharing a very personal post into why she started making Mondays one of the best days of the week :D

The prompt this week is simply knee trembling – here’s my tale, Trudy – utterly inspired by the prompt pic – thank you Kayla!

Remember to click on the big purple square for more saucy tales.


I always wished I was a Trudy.
Trudy is strong yet wears her vulnerability like a Siren’s call. She knows how to draw you in. Her self-assurance  and poise let you know she is utterly in control of her destiny. She is completely at ease with her place in the world and feels perfectly entitled to all she experiences.
Oh to feel that way, Trudy!
Trudy would assume that you intend to let her come home with you tonight. She wouldn’t be guessing. She’d just know. And she’d be right. She’d take you by the hand and lead you to your own bedroom door as if you’d never been there before – like it was a new place that she and only she could unlock.
She’d take you to the large windowsill overlooking the city and bid you strip. You’d do so nervously, trembling with buttons while she simply lifted her hair at her nape, flicking a catch to let her dress fall to the floor.
You’d watch her stepping out of it, still in heels, flesh gleaming under the night’s gaze. You’d still be in your rumpled skirt, sweating in silk wishing you hadn’t worn stockings as you fumble.
“Here, let me,” she’d say approaching you and you’d let her. You’d let her take over, peeling garments from you like a whisper of a gentle breeze while you burn and freeze with equal ferocity.
Oh Trudy would have you do things. She’d have you perch naked on your windowsill and she’d pause for a moment to admire her work before slipping up beside you. Her porcelain skin reflecting hues of desire pouring from your own.
“Spread your legs,” she’d say, staring into your eyes, looking for hesitation. You’d do it. You’d spread your thighs until you think your hips will break. You’d hook one heel on the sill and she’d slide her forearm under the knee of the other to hold it up.
“That’s it, that’s it,” she’d say, her voice snaking through your senses as she holds your gaze, bringing you in to the here and now...

You try to retreat into yourself but she’s insistent. She makes you look into her eyes while her fingertips hook into your cunt. Your wet, clenching cunt. Your pelvis moves all on its own, trying to catch another of Trudy’s slender fingers. You flick your eyes to her shoulder and upper arm where you see the muscles flex and release with the rhythm she’s playing on your dripping flesh.
“Uh, uh yeah,” is all you can mutter as she shoves fingers into you and kneads your clit with the heel of her hand and your chin drops to your chest as your teeth grind out the start of a frantic climax. She’s fast. She pumps your cunt harder and you feel dirty. You get wetter. You want more, you want it harder, deeper, wider. She obliges but only until you start bucking your hips then she stops. She stops and shifts position a little to grab the hair at the nape of your neck with the other hand. She grabs it hard and pulls your head back.
“Look at me,” she says exposing your neck as she starts fucking you again and you jerk and spasm off into that silent space, staring into her eyes. Just as you hang in that place of nothing with your eyes wide, she smiles and leans in devouring your mouth with hot hard kisses as you crash and come hard over her hand as she keeps pumping. Her tongue fills your mouth and you respond, wanting to eat her whole, take her as she has taken you.
Your Trudy.
The Trudy you wish you were.
The Trudy you are.
You open your eyes to the sight of your bedroom. The window is cold on your back. The windowsill is slippery where your bare ass and pussy are pressed with your fingers still deep inside yourself.
You shiver a little as you look round your empty room.

Hope you enjoyed that! Now pop on over to the Masturbation Monday site for more saucy birthday posts!

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Tease to Please!

Hello, hello,

I'm here with news of a bumper ebook full of hot and saucy teasers from 50 authors including yours truly.

There's a HUGE launch party over on Facebook from Thurs 27th Aug for 3 days! Loads of prizes and new authors for you to meet - go on now - join up here - it's on right now!

Tease to Please is free to download - Just click this sexy button to be taken to teaser heaven! 

Official blurb
Find new reads in genres you love and find more you will adore! Explore the genres now! Love the excerpt -- love the book! This book is dedicated to all our loyal fans and readers who give our work purpose... and it will be our dirty little secret.

Naughty is as naughty does. And if there is any virtue seeking its own reward, it will not be found here. What will be found is a collection of awesome author excerpts, a box of saucy, delectable samples, a tasty bounty of tantalizing teasers. And there is no reward quite like self-indulgence; virtue be damned.

This catalog of excerpts from 50 bestselling wonderful writers with their acclaimed and award winning novels is offered to our fans as a small token of our appreciation for your loyal support and unfaltering encouragement. While we are at it, permit us to introduce you to some of our long standing salacious author friends, who we feel are equally deserving of your support.

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Do, please, share
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Here's the Amazon Link - it might be free in your country - if not - use the link on the button above.

And here's a snippet of my snippet :D
The Meeting Point – Tabitha Rayne

“I’m sorry if I treated you badly.” Deborah addressed the woman behind her, but kept her gaze ahead. The land seemed to stretch out forever. Grasses, trees, and moorland filled the view until it sloped gently into the horizon. It humbled her in a way that made her want to fall to her knees in both grief and joy.
“You never did what I didn’t need, Mistress.” The words of Deborah’s companion hit her in the back like tiny darts, reminding her of her actions. She turned.
“I am no longer your Mistress, Cheryl.”
“If you say so, ma’am.” Cheryl’s voice threw Deborah. She spoke with the defiance she had been cultivating over the past few months. Deborah actually felt sad when she saw how her submissive had changed. She knew there had never been a spiritual intimacy between them, but there had been a strange companionship and understanding. That seemed to have vanished recently and a real disdain had grown.
“You may go your own way now, Cheryl.” The prison building loomed at their backs and Deborah was anxious to get moving—anxious to find her true love. The other horse drew up, shoulder to shoulder with hers.
“Would you mind if I rode with you for a while?” Cheryl said softly, with a hint of what used to pass between them.
“No,” Deborah said gently. “I wouldn’t mind at all.” And with a flick of her heel, she kicked the great beast between her thighs into action. Her heart thundered at the same speed as the hooves that carried her. Adrenalin coursed through her and a lump of excited emotion grew in her throat as she smiled into the wind that lashed her face.
It was exhilarating to finally feel freedom, and she let out a whoop of joy, unashamed and untethered. Casting a quick glance over to her ex-assistant, Deborah was expecting disapproval, but was pleased to see the woman smiling too, her face shining in the afternoon sun.
They galloped until the galloping slowed, then they cantered until the canter became a trot, then trot became walk. The horses were exhausted and Deborah’s backside was aching in that numb way—not altogether unpleasant. 

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for stopping by x x x

Monday, 17 August 2015

Minty Embrace

It's Masturbation Monday and I'm taking part...

I woke up feeling horny this morning.
Warm juices still sticky on my thighs from last night's lovemaking.
I roll my hip back and nudge my ass into the crook of your sleeping body. My clit is yearning and my pussy throbs – from arousal and the depths you explored just a few hours ago. I breathe the scent of sleep and love. It is at once delicious and sordid somehow as daylight strains through the blackout blind. And I know you’ve hit snooze until the alarm gave up. You’ll be late.
“Eat me,” I whisper as I nudge again, my hand drifting back to your hardening cock.
“Mmmm.” Your arm curls over me in response sliding down over my belly and mound. “Mmmm,” you say again and grind your hips slowly into my ass from behind trapping my hand between us. Your fingers curl into my clit and folds and you smear our mingled juices all over my pussy.
“Eat me,” I say again and you nuzzle into my hair at the back of my neck, lips closed.
“I’ll just go and clean my teeth,” you whisper carefully into the pillow so as not to cause embarrassment.
“I don’t care, just kiss me,” I turn but you are already pulling away, dragging tangled sheets as you go.

Damn it. I was so ready, so close. My want so big and ferocious. I can feel it subsiding. I don’t know if you realise how fragile the brink is. I ought to get up. I’ve got so much to do today. Fuck, I’ll be late too. My mind starts whirring about the day’s events and I’m about to reach for my phone to check my emails when the duvet lifts from the bottom of the bed and you crawl up, coaxing me on to my back so you can wriggle up between my legs.
“Oh,” I drop the phone as you part my thighs at my pussy and glide your tongue from my ass all the way up dipping into my pussy then swirling over my clit. I’m trembling already, head grinding back and forth into the pillows, teeth clenched. I grab your hair and force you onto me again. It feels minty, my pussy feels minty. Your toothpaste is cool on my soaking flesh. It is getting cooler. Cold almost – peppery and strange.
I wriggle trying to get away now from the odd sensations. You grip my hips and clamp your mouth hard onto my clit and suckle. Your cold minty tongue swirling and flicking my tight bundle of nerves like a tiny battering ram. It’s back, the swelling of my climax is back in the pit of my core and I grind again, working my hands through your hair.
My toes are pointed so hard that my calves begin to cramp and I bend my knees bringing them up and squeezing your head gently between.

Oh, oh, that’s it, that’s it, you let go of my thigh and slide two fingers into my greedy pussy. I clench and convulse around them and my body shudders as my head flips into that other place. Riding up into the ether, suspended on the brink until, with one final hard flick of your tongue, I release. I come on your fingers and face as my body writhes and you hold me tight in your cold, minty embrace.

So there you have it! Remember to hop on over to Kayla Lord's place for more sexy stories x x x

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sun, Legs, Haiku

Sinful Sunday time... this one is all about not being able to get back into 'real life' after a lovely break.

Sun Haiku

Real life rain falls hard
Let me lie nude in the sun
Languidly fucking

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Sinful Sunday

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Coming Soon: Good Manors by Victoria Blisse with Accidental Kink!

Looky-look - my mate and fellow Brit Babe, Victoria Blisse, has a new book coming out! Here she is to tell us all about it...
I started writing a lovely, vanilla novel and then…woops! It went kinky. I remember having to email my editor and ask if it was okay for me to include a lil’ BDSM action in my What’s Her Secret…? Novel. I was told it was okay, up to a certain level, which I tried very hard to stick too. I do love how when I’m writing my characters can take me off on a whole different track to the one I was expecting to travel. There’s some pretty inventive scenes in Good Manors including rope and copper jugs (hence the cover art) to find out more, you’ll need to grab a copy for yourself!

Exclusively download from Totally Bound: 18th August.

General release date: 15th September.
Mallard Hall plays host to games of submission and Dominance for one unique couple, but do the secrets of the past threaten the new bonds being forged?
India Grace, a respected journalist, is assigned to the estate for a behind the scenes look at how it runs. It is the last place in the world she wants to be. Back when she was young and na├»ve she took a photo of old Lord Mallard, which led to her success and his downfall. She carries the guilt with her to the location and it’s constantly in the back of her mind when she meets the hall’s latest owner, Xander Patrick.
Xander’s father died when he was only thirteen, and he doesn’t hold many good memories of him. He helped his mum build Mallard Hall back up, and since her death struggles to keep it going single-handedly. The last thing he needs is a meddling journalist poking into estate business, especially when the meager profits are mysteriously disappearing.
The two try to keep their distance but find themselves drawn together in many unexpected ways. A meal leads to an investigation of secret passageways and from that India and Xander explore their attraction, using different rooms of the hall for their kinky games.
In the end India’s secret will have to come out, but will it bring the couple closer together or tear them apart?
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of light BDSM and voyeurism.

I wasn’t paying much attention to where I was walking. I never really did, it was like my shoes knew their way around the place without my brain having to give directions. So when I came body to body with a blockage I was quite easily tipped back onto my arse. And as an instinctual reaction I grabbed onto the item that had destabilized me and pulled it down on top of me.
“Oh my God, Xander, I mean, Mr. Patrick, oh shit, are you all right?”
“Yes, I’m fine, are you okay?”
India’s warm curves pressed me down into the soft grass. I tried not to think too much about her body so I wouldn’t embarrass myself.
“Oh, yeah, yeah, nothing broken.” Her gaze kept me pinned down. Her cheeks were flushed and her hair draped forward and into my face, the pink tips tickling my nose.
I wiped it away and hooked it around the back of her ear without thinking.
“Jeez, I should get up off you, shouldn’t I?” She shook her head and scrambled backward.
I watched her breasts swaying in the bright turquoise top and coughed. I hoped she hadn’t caught me leering at her. I couldn’t help it, she fascinated me.
“Sorry, again.” She scrambled to her feet and smoothed down her long, white skirt. “Do you need a hand up?” Thrusting her hand forward, she smiled down at me.
I reached up and took the proffered fingers in mine. I attempted not to put too much of my weight on her as I scrambled up. Her fingers were smooth and delicate, her hand cool in my own. I didn’t want to let go.
“Thanks.” I grinned. “I think I should be the one apologizing. I wasn’t paying any attention to where I was going, I was walking on autopilot.”
“Oh, no, no. I didn’t see you coming either. I was wrapped up in thinking about stuff to add into my article.”
“All good, I hope.” I was still holding her hand and was sure she was as aware of it as I was. I didn’t know how to let it go. I mean, clearly I knew physically what to do, but I was caught in the awkwardness of the situation. I didn’t want to be the one to let go first, I didn’t want her to think I was eager to get away. An awkward schoolboy had nothing on me. Hot cheeks, tapping foot, dried mouth. I might not be the heart and soul of a party but usually I was cool, calm, collected and able to hold a whole conversation with someone without dithering. Not with India, though.
“It’s a secret.” She winked. Squeezed my hand and let it drop. “I don’t tell anyone before it comes out in the magazine.”
Oh God, she thinks I’m an idiot.
I cringed internally. Clearly all the weird chemistry stuff was on my side only. I’d have to restrain myself.
“Sure, of course, well, I better go. I’ve got so much to do.”
I didn’t wait to hear what else she had to say. I walked off, but I might as well have run away crying. It was so obvious I was making a tactical retreat. I didn’t have time or energy to waste on being infatuated with a woman. Especially a journalist. Mum had often tried to match-make me with suitable women. She’d not even have put India down on a reserves list. I resigned myself to a life of singledom, dead on track to becoming a crazy sheep man.

Good Manors is available to pre-order now from Totally Bound!

Victoria Blisse is a mother, wife, Christian, Manchester United fan and award winning erotica author. She is also the editor of several Bigger Briefs collections, and the co-editor of the fabulous Smut Alfresco, Smut in the City and Smut by the Sea Anthologies.
Victoria is also one of the brains behind the fabulous Smut events, days and nights dedicated to erotica, fun and prizes. Check out  for more details.
She is equally at home behind a laptop or a cooker and she loves to create stories, poems, cakes and biscuits that make people happy. She was born near Manchester, England and her northern English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories.
Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life.
You can find often find Victoria procrastinating on Facebook , Twitter  and Pinterest
To find out more check out

Now off you pop and get that pre-ordering done :D Thanks for sharing your new book with us Miss Blisse! x x

Monday, 3 August 2015

The Balcony

So here's my vintage inspired Sinful Sunday from the balcony...

Glace Cherry

Polka Dot Bikini

So a couple of note for these - the first is a cocktail on holiday with a real live glace cherry - couldn't resist! I was pleased with the lighting and only popped a frame to up the atmosphere.

The second - I always always wanted a black and white polka dot bikini with a frill - and I finally got it! To enhance the vintage flavour I put it through a magic sketch filter - imagine my joy and horror that it took half a second to make an image look like a drawing... I can spend forever on my drawings and portraits. Half a second... bloody technology!!!

I was sad to miss Eroticon this weekend - so many awesome things to do and people to meet there! I guess getting to drink retro cocktails is a very good second place. Read Molly's intro here.

Click on those sexy lips to see who else is playing vintage this Sunday... I've been taking a look around - there are some corkers - I'm having trouble commenting on them but - wowza - go take a look!

Sinful Sunday