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I totally negelected to tell you about this book - Writing Erotic Fiction by Judith Watts and Mirren Baxter - 
It's a How to book - and guess what - they asked li'l ole me to contribute...

Basically my 'expertise' is write because there's nothing else you could be doing and if you want to write erotica - it must turn you on - big time. It is much more eloquently put of course, and there is some other fantastic advice from folks in the business and some of my darling Brit Babe ladies.

Check it out if you are thinking of writing hot saucy stories that people are compelled to read.

Take a look here

I have more to add to this post but I must dash for now - pop back later for some news of new stories won't you?

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Take Control with Kay Jaybee

Take Control

Many thanks for letting me come and share a little from my brand new anthology, Take Control,

with you today.

Over recent years I have earned a reputation for writing punchy Fem Dom tales. This collection

however, switches my usual character roles, and it is the turn of the men to take the upper hand.


Take Control: Stories of Male Domination/Female Submission is a collection of toe curlingly sexy

tales of bondage and female submission from the pen of best selling writer Kay Jaybee. From a

spankingly delicious Dinner With Tess, to a Staged public sex fantasy, an unforgettable alfresco

hosing in Deluged, a kinky scientific Experiment, and the realisation of a long held threesome

fantasy in The Necklace, Take Control offers five bite sized stories that will satisfy any lover

quality erotica.

Here's an extract from Dinner With Tess

Tess was aware she was being watched.

As she danced, she became increasingly self-conscious under the

scrutiny of the unknown man’s piercingly clear blue eyes.

Signalling through the deafening noise of the club’s heaving dance

floor, Tess managed to communicate to her friend Claire that she

wanted to sit down. Tess was sure that if she stopped dancing, the

man would find someone else on whom to focus his unnerving


She was wrong. He continued to observe her, unblinking, as

having purchased some much-needed refreshment, Tess and Claire

leant against the stainless steel rail that surrounded the club and

surveyed the throng cavorting before them.

‘Do you see that guy over there?’ Tess asked Claire as discreetly as

the musical din would allow. ‘No, don’t let him see you look! He’s been

watching me for ages.’

‘Lucky you!’ Claire ignored the worried edge to her friend’s voice

and grinned approvingly towards the tall, thick set, casually

handsome man, with penetrating blue eyes. ‘He’s gorgeous.’

‘A bit daunting, though, don’t you think?’

‘Daunting? Oh, Tess, honestly, live a little.’ Claire, who hadn’t a

cautious bone in her body, stared directly at the stranger. ‘If he’s

interested in you, go for it, have a fling. It looks as if he’d give you a

good time.’

‘Claire! Really! He’s way out of my league.’

‘Don’t be such a mouse! You’re a good-looking lass, smashing red

hair, cute little body. Relax a bit, will you?’

Tess risked a glance in the stranger’s direction. She felt her pulse

quicken anxiously as he noticed her furtive look, and with slow

purposeful movements, approached. When he told her his name was

Jon, and that he was going to buy her a drink, Tess’s mouth hadn’t

been able to find the words to say anything, so he’d simply gone and

fetched one anyway.

From that moment, she had been ensnared, hypnotised by Jon’s

strength, his quiet authority, and the promise of an undiscovered lust,

which seemed to reflect back at her from his deep shining eyes.

Tess had spent the early part of the morning in the kitchen. This

was to be the first time Jon introduced her to his friends, and Tess

had suggested she cook for them. A roast chicken perhaps?

Something warm and welcoming to greet them on their return from

the photography club meeting they were attending.

Jon had smiled his sexy smile and agreed that a trussed-up bird

sounded exactly like something they’d all appreciate. Tess had been

thrilled when he congratulated her idea by fucking her

unceremoniously against the kitchen door.

She’d never met anyone like him before. Jon seemed consumed by

lust, and, even though it had been almost a month since they’d met,

Tess still found it hard to believe she was the centre of his attention.

As he was obviously a dominant man, she had been quickly awarded

the role of submissive; and to her surprise, and perhaps aided by her

natural reticence, had discovered that she rather liked being told how

to behave, what to wear, and what to say.

Jon’s laughing voice echoed through the hallway and into the kitchen

as Tess went to greet his friends.

‘Here she is!’ Jon’s arm swept around his girlfriend. ‘Tess, meet

Jack and Ed, my friends from the club.’

‘Hello.’ She spoke clearly, trying to cover her shyness. As she

shook their hands, Tess couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable by the

way they looked at her. It was as if they were assessing her in some

way, and she suddenly felt very aware of the shortness of her denim

skirt and the thinness of her white cotton blouse.

‘Most lovely.’ Jack nodded approvingly at Jon.

‘She’ll do well.’ Ed’s eyes x-rayed Tess as he spoke.

A private shiver shot up Tess’s spine. Do well for what?...


If you'd like to find out what happens to Tess, you can buy Take Control from-

Happy reading,

Kay xxx


Details of Kay’s work, past, present and future can be found at

You can follow Kay on Twitter- kay_jaybee,



Brit Babes Site-

Kay also writes contemporary romance as Jenny Kane –

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Australia Day Blog Bonanza! Hazel Gower

Beachwalk Press goes down under!
Join fellow Australian authors Imogene Nix, Jess Buffett, Larisa Anderson, Hazel Gower, and Susan Child as they celebrate Australian Day. From January 24th-26th, their books will be on sale at the Beachwalk Press website for 99 cents!

My third and final Australia Day guest is the lovely Hazel Gower - over to you Hazel!

Hello Everyone
I would like to say thank you to the host for having me.
This week is Australia day week. I love being Australian. We truly are the lucky young country. Most of my stories are set in Australia. My Armageddon mates is set in a small beach side coal mining town in NSW. I have picture below of the stunning little town. I’m sure you will agree it is the perfect location.
Beachwalk Press this year is helping you all celebrate this day with us. It will be offering the books written by us Aussie authors for a discount on the Beachwalk Press website. So make sure you drop by and grab a bargain!

Kane’s mate Blurb:
Faith's life has always balanced in two worlds—the normal human world and the supernatural.
Now she has to choose between the two.

Faith York is human, but she has psychic powers, which is a little odd since neither of her parents have paranormal abilities. Thankfully, the werewolf family who lived around the corner help her learn to control her powers. She instantly fell in love with the entire family, but especially Kane, the oldest son who is next in line to be Alpha. Unfortunately, Kane doesn't see Faith the same way she sees him. Heartbroken, she leaves town.
When Faith returns from two years overseas, her parents throw her a welcome home party. Faith is shocked when Kane kidnaps her from the party and mate marks her. Now she struggles with the choice of whether to leave again and live a normal life—a life she yearns for—or stay with the man she's always dreamed of and live a supernatural life.
To complicate matters further, her psychic powers intensify and she begins to have visions of an upcoming demon Armageddon. Then she learns she was switched at birth, and she has a half-brother…who is half demon.
Faith must be stronger than she ever believed possible, and maybe in the process, she can trust herself to give Kane another chance.
Content Warning: Sexy werewolf alpha, graphic sex, strong language, and violence

Kane's Mate – Excerpt
It's so nice to be home, Faith thought. Her parents were throwing her a welcome home party, and she couldn't wait to see her second family. She had missed Jamie and his family so much. Faith's parents had picked her up from the airport yesterday, and she'd spent a relaxing afternoon with them. But tonight she hoped everyone she loved would be there, bar one. She couldn't see him, not yet, she needed time to settle, build up her walls against him. Faith shook her head and finished getting ready for her party.
Two hours later, the party had started and Faith was chatting to all her friends, but she couldn't stay focused on the conversation around her, because she was eagerly awaiting some of the most important people in her life. Her werewolf family was late, and she was starting to get upset.
She had been away for two years with only phone contact with the Wolfens. She never missed speaking to at least one of them every night. They were the reason she had come home, and why she'd left in the first place. It's not that she wasn't grateful to them, especially as they'd helped her learn to control her psychic gifts, but they always seemed to take over and overprotect her. She sighed and gave herself a little shake, hoping it would get her back into the conversation around her.
When Faith finally felt her wolf family arrive, she smiled, excused herself from the friends she was talking to, and ran outside to greet them. Faith kissed all the werewolves, and when she reached Jamie she jumped on him, kissing his cheek. "I missed my best friend so much," Faith told him.
Jamie chuckled. "We talked almost every day."
"I missed your hugs, and I miss your stupid jokes, they don't have the same effect over the phone." Faith kissed both of his cheeks.
She looked up and saw Kane first before she felt him. He was special. Faith loved her werewolf family, but the love she had for Kane was different, more intense, sexual, a love she felt to the bottom of her soul. The problem was, he didn't want her.
Faith looked over Jamie's shoulder, trying for a casual, "Hi, Kane."
She turned her head back to Jamie before she did something stupid like jump on Kane and kiss him to show him how much she loved him and didn't want to live without him anymore.
Without thinking of the consequences, she kissed Jamie on the mouth, trying not to put all her regret and self-hatred at loving Kane into it. Jamie seemed startled at first, but then he grabbed her arse to hold her closer to him, and he really got into it.
Faith wished she loved Jamie the way she loved Kane. God, she wished she felt something from this kiss. Nothing…she felt nothing for Jamie beyond friendship.
She sighed in thanks when her mother called her inside as she had an overseas caller. Faith walked into the house, not
daring to look back at the group, knowing if she did she would have to acknowledge what was going on.

* * * *

Kane got out of his car and froze as chocolate and vanilla assaulted his senses. He looked for the source, terrified because he knew who it would be. His gaze fell on an absolutely gorgeous, grown-up Faith, and his wolf stood at attention for the first time in more than four years. It growled in his head mate, take, mate.
Kane stared at Faith as she greeted his family. When she came to Jamie she jumped on him, kissing his cheek. Kane fought with his wolf as he waited patiently for Faith to acknowledge him. All she did was look at him with a blank expression and say "hi" then turn her head to kiss Jamie on the mouth.
Kane snapped. He growled and lunged for Jamie only to be held back by his brothers, Rane and Arden. "Mine," he snarled as he struggled to free himself.
He knew he wasn't being rational. Jamie was his brother and Faith's best friend, but it seemed his wolf, and deep down he admitted to himself, he didn't care. The kiss ended when Faith was called inside. She excused herself and left without even looking back.
Jamie turned to him, and his face paled and his eyes widened as the realization seemed to sink in. Jamie screamed, "No, no, no, you can't have her. She can't be your true mate."
Kane surged forward again, and this time he found himself free. He got up in Jamie's face, making sure his alpha wolf showed, and bellowed, "Mine. Don't touch her again. Next time I will kill you, brother or not."

I'm a mother of four terrors between the ages of two and seven. In my spare time, the little I have, I write and take off into my own worlds. As a child, I spent a lot of time in my own dream world. I even had an imaginary friend. In primary school I would constantly make up stories, which got me into lots of trouble. My mother said I always had an overactive imagination.

I started writing down my story ideas in high school, and never really stopped. Writing, I have to say, is my salvation. After I've cleaned up and gotten all the kids in bed, I sit at my computer—or sometimes a notebook with a pencil—and relax, write, and escape.

I love to hear from any of my readers, so feel free to send me an email and 'like' me on Facebook.

On Sunday, January 26th, they’ll be chatting in the Beachwalk Press Readers Group on Facebook. Be sure to stop by and get to know the ladies down under a little better.
Link to the Facebook Readers Group:

Thanks for stopping by over the past 3 days! Hope you had fun with our Aussie gals x x x

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Australia Day Blog Bonanza! Imogene Nix

Beachwalk Press goes down under!
Join fellow Australian authors Imogene Nix, Jess Buffett, Larisa Anderson, Hazel Gower, and Susan Child as they celebrate Australian Day. From January 24th-26th, their books will be on sale at the Beachwalk Press website for 99 cents!

Today as part of the Australia Day celebrations I have Imogene Nix to share her love of Oz!
Australia Day – My view

Australia is such an interesting country. We are one of the world’s most urban settled countries, yet we have such an affinity to our farming heritage.  The immortal words of Andrew Barton (Banjo) Patterson:

And the bush hath friends to meet him, and their kindly voices greet him

A Bar In Paris

A Bar In Paris

A Bar In Paris

In the murmur of the breezes and the river on its bars,

And he sees the vision splendid of the sunlit plains extended,
And at night the wond'rous glory of the everlasting stars.

Yet Patterson, a solicitor (Lawyer) was actually an urbanite from Sydney (though originally born on a property in New South Wales.) The works of Paterson are etched into the psyche of many an Aussie… They include The Man From Snowy River (ever seen the movie? ) and Waltzing Matilda.  If you haven’t ever heard/read/seen these, I recommend you do!

But back to my original post. Where most countries have a “single definition” of what they are, we don’t. Being such a diverse country, in fact over a hundred years ago, we were struggling with out identity, just as we do today. But what is an Australian?

Some would say it’s a “Ringer” (cowboy) from the Outback… Others will tell you it’s the blond haired blue-eyed surfer dude from Bondi.  I guess, because most of my married life has been in regional and remote Queensland I tend to gravitate towards the first.  I live right alongside some great Australians – they epitomise (for me) what being an Aussie is all about – a person who becomes stronger through adversity and finds workable solutions to problems because parts and items aren’t available. Let me give just one example.

The young guy my oldest daughter travels to work with every day  is an excellent example. He was a Queensland Hero during the floods 3 years ago. He works for the local council and when our water resources were down to 3 hours left, he organized a crew, walked along the railway tracks to various farms and collected agricultural pipes He then rigged a tractor to pump water from the river… which was then primary treated. Sure, we were on water restrictions and had to boil water… you know what? There was still a supply! (At the time he was a first year engineering student.)

We are a land of inventors – mainly because of geographic isolation. The Royal Flying Doctor Service is a brilliant example.

To learn more about Aussies and their ways of dealing with life in a harsh land, just check these inventions!

So when I celebrate Australia Day, I’m celebrating not just cultural diversity, but also the long and illustrious history of people who have lived in and made their home in some of the harshest places on the planet. What’s more, we’ve thrived and found new and innovative ways to do so.

To me, that’s what being an Aussie is all about!

Happy Australia Day!



Ever considered a naughty weekend?  A “Hook-Up” with no strings?
What does a woman do when she’s turning thirty? She takes a sexy weekend trip to Paris looking for commitment-free sex. Or, that’s what Davina Chalmers does, anyway.
Enter Johnathon a tall charming Englishman. How can she possibly resist his charm and that dimple?
But what starts out as a lark quickly becomes so much more. But how does one weekend become a lifetime? And how does a lie of omission bring everything into jeopardy?


The waiter smiled and I sighed. “Time to go.” As I started to rise, gripping my bag in my hand, the bell above the door rang and I watched with interest as the sexiest man I’d ever seen entered. The cool blonde on his arm was scowling and he pried his fingers from her arm then walked away. For a moment, she wobbled on her stilettos before she sneered in her super chic French way only they can pull off and stalked out the door. It slammed so hard the panes of glass shuddered.The man scowled, but to be honest, it didn’t hurt at all. He was tall and well built. Blond hair with gray eyes.My mind screamed that this man that could probably satisfy my needs. He didn’t appear even slightly inebriated and he was obviously single now, if that little carry-on was to go by. Perhaps this was my chance? I smoothed down my black dress, making sure my cleavage was just peeking out, then I sucked in a deep, deep breath and stood, hoping to catch his eyes.
I watched the man stalk to the bar and order in perfect English-accented French. “Une bière, s’il vous plait.
My toes curled at his voice and the waiter hurried to do his bidding. Mr. Sexy’s voice was cultured and deep. I like voices, particularly men’s voices. They can make me go gooey at the knees, and this one warmed my insides to the consistency of thick, warm honey. And I knew he was the one I wanted to be with all night long.
The server handed over a bottle of beer and a glass, but Mr. Sexy looked at the bottle, grimaced, and then took a long pull.
The other men at the bar started talking in low voices, putting aside newspapers. They paid their money and left.
I didn’t want to think it was because of the dangerous aura surrounding the man. It was, after all, three in the morning. No, there had to be something else. But I was sure it wasn’t the time to ask these questions.
The small bar was quiet now as I was waiting alone with the mystery man. The waiter disappeared to the back. Obviously, with only two patrons left, he could do other things. I sucked in my confidence, folded it around me like a coat, and approached the man.
“Hi. Mind if I join you?”
He grinned and gestured to the seat beside him. I slipped onto the small stool, perched uncertainly. Then I wiggled my bum a little, thrust out my chest, and gave him my very best come-on smile.
“Looking for a hook up, are you?” His voice caused a curl of heat to gather deep inside me.
I nodded slowly. Better to be honest from the start, I thought. I didn’t have time to say a word. The next thing I knew, he had me thrust against the bar, his lips on mine and his tongue halfway down my throat. But man, what a tongue it was.
He played me like a violin until he lifted his head, casting a wicked smile in my direction. “Your hotel or mine?”
“Umm, yours.” Right now, I felt the rosy glow of arousal roaring through me. Sexy and quick to catch on. Yep, I was sure this guy was a winner.
“You’re not from around here, are you?”
I shook my head. “No.”


Buy Links:


Imogene is a mother of two, compulsive reader and bookstore owner. She lives in regional Queensland, Australia with her husband, two daughters, dog, cat and chooks. She has a particular fondness for vampires, star ship captains and things that go bump in the night (especially vampire types!)

Imogene has tried many varied roles in her working life including kindergarten assistance, teacher and childcare director, but rates owning a bookstore and writing her own novels as a highlight.
In her mother and wife alter ego, she has travelled widely and lived in some very unique places including Far Western Queensland, Cape York and even Tasmania. She loves to travel and rates China and Hong Kong among her favourite destinations.

She blames Star Trek Voyager, Firefly and the works of Alexander Kent for her interest in naval and space fleet interests.

You can find Imogene on Facebook Twitter and her website

On Sunday, January 26th, they’ll be chatting in the Beachwalk Press Readers Group on Facebook. Be sure to stop by and get to know the ladies down under a little better.
Link to the Facebook Readers Group:

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Australia Day Blog Bonanza! Jess Buffet

Beachwalk Press goes down under!
Join fellow Australian authors Imogene Nix, Jess Buffett, Larisa Anderson, Hazel Gower, and Susan Child as they celebrate Australian Day. From January 24th-26th, their books will be on sale at the Beachwalk Press website for 99 cents!
Today for your Aussie loving delight I have Jess Buffet with me - take it away Miss Buffet!
Hi all,
First I’d like to say a huge thank you to my lovely host for having me!
This week marks an extremely important date for Australians, and I am very excited to share it with you.
Being Australian is something I take great pride in, which is why almost all of my books are set in my country. I have Australian characters, setting, slang…the works! An Archangel’s Promise, my first release with Beachwalk Press is set in th city of Melbourne. Known for its stunning beauty and night life, Melbourne brings the old and joins it with the new. Part of it’s everlasting charm.
Melbourne is also the home to not just the tallest building, but overall tallest point in the southern hemisphere. This is the reason why this place captured my imagination for my Angel’s. The Eureka Tower is not just a place of business, but luxury apartment. A perfect home for angel’s, don’t you think? ;)
So, to help celebrate this day with us, Beachwalk Press will be offering the books written by us Aussie authors for a discount on the Beachwalk Press website. So make sure you drop by!

Will the enemy be powerful enough to break an archangel's promise?
For the last ten years, Gabriella Richards has struggled with the pain of losing the only man she's ever loved. From out of nowhere he returns to throw her life into chaos, and it isn't without consequences.
Hunter Bailey had always known he was different, but nothing could have prepared him for the truth. As the son of an archangel, he has been on the run for years from those who seek to wipe out his kind—the Nephilim. With a destiny unknown even to himself, nothing will stop him from returning to claim the woman he loves and the happily-ever-after he was promised.
Gabriella finally has the love of her life back, but at what cost? And will the enemy be able to break an archangel's promise?

Gabriella started moving forward. Nolan tried pulling her back, but nothing could keep her still. The need she felt coursing through her, urging her to the man on the other side of the room, was just too strong, powerful, and consuming. She barely acknowledged the throng of people surrounding her as she made her way across the floor, her eyes transfixed on her destination.

Her destination being the tall, strong, and commanding form of her childhood best friend. His dark, almost black, hair still fell into his sapphire eyes, and his lips looked just as soft and supple as they had been the last time she had seen him. When she stopped mere inches from him, Gabriella held her breath, unable to believe Hunter really stood in front of her.

The small quirk of his lips at her indecision answered her question. Oh, this was her
Hunter all right.

Hunter’s hand came up to cup the back of her neck, drawing her those few inches closer. Shocked at their sudden closeness, Gabriella only had enough time to suck in a breath before his other arm came around her, pulling her against his hard chest, his mouth taking hers in a kiss filled with possession and a hunger that had her opening up for more.

The kiss was fearless, robbing her of thought. Gabriella’s body melted under his mastery, becoming pliant, molding into his as if they’d done this a million times before. She felt a thrill run through her as the familiarity of the man’s embrace drew her in deeper. This was her Hunter. Oh God. Hunter’s hand roaming up and down her back created such delicious sparks of electricity along her spine. She’d never felt so hungry, so needy.

Pulling back, needing to breathe and to see his face, Gabriella felt tears pool in her eyes. “You’re real.”

Hunter smiled down at her, his eyes softening as his large hands cupped her face. “Yeah, Gabby. It’s me.”

How was it possible? Hunter was standing right in front of her, kissing her. It was all so surreal. She caressed her fingers over his tanned face, taking it all in. His features, once boyish, were different. They were replaced with a strong jaw line and an essence of confidence and maturity. Gabriella noticed that his eyes, though still the same startling sapphire, now held flecks of azure and shards of cobalt that made them seem fiercer somehow.

Still the same, but so different as well.

“I missed you.” The deep rumble of his voice made her weak in the knees and dampen between her legs. It was such a strong reaction, it startled her out of her haze.

He had been gone so long.

Too long.

What the hell was she doing?

Wrenching herself out of his arms, Gabriella gazed up at him, at the boy who had left her broken and alone. The longer she stared into his eyes, the more furious she became with both him and herself. Why on earth was she kissing him? And how dare he show up like this, acting like he had all the right in the world to be there.

Raising her hand, she delivered a blow straight across his handsome face. Hunter had clearly not been expecting that reaction because he staggered back, his shock evident as his eyes
widened and his hand covered the abused cheek.

“What was that for?”

“Really? You have no idea why I would want to slap you?” she seethed. “You disappeared, Hunter. You left when you swore you never would. I thought you were dead.”

His face softened, which just served to irritate her more. “I know my leaving like that must have hurt, but surely you can give me a chance to explain.”

Unbelievable. The bastard thought she actually had to give him a chance. She didn’t owe him a fucking thing.

“No, Hunter. I don’t have to give you a damn thing.” Spinning on her heels, she headed for the doors leading to the stairway. Screw waiting for the lift. The sooner she got out of there the better.

“So that’s it. You won’t give me anything?” Hunter called out behind her.

Pausing at the doorway, she turned to see him still standing in the spot she had left him, and smiled sadly. “You know, if you had shown up a few years ago, I probably would have given you anything you asked for.” Her face hardened, and she narrowed a glare on him. “But I was weaker then. I had to become tougher because the pain of losing you was too much to bare. So congratulations, Hunter, you made me a stronger person. You should be proud.”

Author bio:

Jess Buffett was born and raised in New South Wales, Australia. She married her high school sweetheart and they live on the Central Coast with their two children. Jess is a hopeless romantic who loves stories about true love with a happy ending—which is probably a good thing given what she writes. She is a huge fan of M/M and M/F romance—anything with hunky men in all their glory, whether they be shifters, vampires, cowboys, or the boy next door. Jess is a firm believer in soul mates, happily-ever-afters, and love at first sight, but that sometimes people need a second or a third meeting for the brain to catch up.

On Sunday, January 26th, they’ll be chatting in the Beachwalk Press Readers Group on Facebook. Be sure to stop by and get to know the ladies down under a little better.

Link to the Facebook Readers Group:
Thanks for joining us today - come back tomorrow for more Aussie favourites! Rippa!